Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali everyone! :)
Here's another overdue entry. After a relaxing weekend stay and swimming session at Riverview Hotel, I've finally had some time last night to edit and upload the photos. Was supposed to complete this entry last night but decided to turn in early after taking my flu medication. All thanks to the swimming session on Saturday.
By the time I woke up today, it was already 12.00 noon!! Gosh....I can really sleep. If my colleague hadn't called me, I guessed I might have slept till even later.
Headed out for lunch and my appointment with my manicurist after that. Back home, it was time to tidy up my magazine area and my study desk as it's really in a state of untidiness. Finished up with my laundry as well and then it was time to get ready to meet up with DS.
Dinner was at Tonkatsu restaurant at Suntec City followed by the movie "Tropic Thunder" at The Cathay. DS wanted to watch "Burn After Reading" but too bad for him, all the tickets were sold out. Haha.
All right, enough of today. Here's what Wilson Kor Kor and I got up to way back in August. There'll be more updates coming up soon, so stay tuned.
03.08.2008 - Downtown East
Our plan for this day was to head down to the NATAS Holiday Fair to take a look at the various tour packages so as to plan for a holiday trip after my examinations. However, the holiday trip has been cancelled; reason being, [1] both of me and Wilson Kor Kor are broke and [2] my work schedule doesn't allow me to take any long leave for the moment. *sad*
However, looking at the current economy, I am glad that we did not go for the trip either. It's time to really save money. Shall reward myself with another trip next year.
Wanted to watch "钱不够用2" after we were done and we decided to head down to Downtown East to try and see if we were able to get any tickets for the evening show. However, luck wasn't on our side. By the time we reached there, all the tickets for the show was sold out. Couldn't catch the later show as I had to rush home to keep Mummy company so we decided to find a place to chill out instead.
Chose the restaurant at the second level, can't remember the name now. As the restaurant wasn't packed, we chose the seat where the ferris wheel was just beside us. Initially I wanted to go for a ride on the ferris wheel but after checking out the prices, I decided against it even though I love ferris wheels rides. Anyway, there wasn't much to see either.

I guessed I rather spend the money on the Singapore Flyer. Speaking of which, someone still owes me a ride on the Singapore Flyer.

Anyway, I love the idea of chilling out on a Saturday afternoon. As years passed, I have come to realize that I don't really love shopping at all. In the past I could spend the either day window-shopping but now, I rather find a place to chill or read my books or just staying at home. The idea of hanging out in town during the weekend doesn't really appeal to me anymore. Most of my weekends are now either spend at home or enjoying my hotel stays. I prefer the peace
and quietness that comes along.

Unless I am going to catch a movie, I will try not to head down to town. Hate the idea of jostling with the crowd; I guessed I don't really take well to crowds and noise after the panic attack which happened last year. I am really afraid that I might have another panic attack again so I will try my best to avoid crowded places especially when I am stressed out at work.
All right, shall stop here for now, it's time to head off to dreamland now. Long day ahead tomorrow and I need to get my beauty sleep so that I will have the energy to work and for my badminton session after work.

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