Friday, October 10, 2008


After waiting for 1 year......Jay Chou has released his new album 魔杰座 yesterday (9.10.2008). It's been a year since his last album and almost 10 months since his concert in Singapore earlier this year.

Another surprise was that I will receiving his album as a gift. :) Was looking forward to receiving the album yesterday but because of delay, his album will only be available in Singapore on 15th October. So even though the album had been pre-ordered, I couldn't collect it yesterday. And I was so looking forward to listening to his new songs after clearing my final obstacle. Yes! I have finally cleared all my papers for this semester and for the next one month, I will be waiting anxiously for the results.

Looking back, there were many times when I really wanted to give up studying because it was really too stressful coping with my heavy workload at work and with all the assignments for studies. It was so different; our lecturers had high expectations and lots of research and reading had to be done for all the assignments. The amount of midnight oil burned for my Advanced Diploma previously was nothing compared to the amount that I burned for this degree course. And frankly speaking, there were many times when I didn't believed that I would be able to complete the whole course. And now that the course have completed, I am actually thinking of what to study next.

After studying part-time for so long, it feels weird to have a lot more time on hand now. But for now, I will take a break from studying first. Mainly because the next few months will be pretty hectic at work with lots of events, Christmas and Chinese New Year coming up. For our industry, the end of the year will always be our busiest period. After Chinese New Year, then only will I start thinking about what to study next. Psychology or Leisure Management? Hard to decide so I will use the next few months to think it over and make a decision.

And here's the latest music video from Jay Chou latest album to share.


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