Monday, August 18, 2008

Updates - Part I: Goodbye to 26, Hello 27

Here's an update which has been long overdue.

Celebrated my 27th birthday 2 months back in June. Birthday was a quiet and simple affair this year. Work as usual but luckily no classes and no set-up for any event or exhibition.
Above photo: A surprise from my colleagues. I had to be home early for some personal matters that day and had planned to leave work around 5.30 p.m. but when I was packing up, my colleagues asked me to hold on for a while and brought a cake from the fridge. And it was a blackforest cake, one of my favourite cake. Which made me recall that one of them had actually asked me what my favourite cake was.

Above photo: One last shot with my birthday cake before I cut the cake and prepared to rush home for work.
Above photo: Upon reaching home, I had another surprise. Mummy actually bought a birthday cake for me as well. Even though I am not a great fan of fruit cakes, I must say that this cake taste really delicious....after I scrapped off the fruits. Between the layers of fruits was a sponge cake and I must admit that it's been quite a while since I tasted such a nice and fluffy sponge cake.
Above photos: Ta's my favourite hair stylist of all time!!! My lovely 蛋黄. So why do I call her 蛋黄? That's because years back she was bugging me to buy her mooncakes and she kept reminding me to buy those with double egg yolks. From there on, I started calling her 蛋黄. And I became 蛋白. Although she doesn't work in those fanciful hair salons, her skills are superb!! She knows my style and my likes and she's the only person I can trust when it comes to stuff like rebonding or coloring. This was the first time that she celebrated my birthday with me and I really enjoyed her company. :)

Above photos: After that, it was dinner with DS at the new chatterbox restaurant at Meritius Mandarin. I prefer this location than the previous one at level 1. It's now at the 39th floor of Meritius Mandarin and the view is wonderful. And the food has improved. *yummy*
And that's about all. A simple but happy affair. To me, a birthday is not about receiving presents but having my love ones by my side. It can be just a simple dinner and I would still enjoyed myself. To me, having a branded bag or expensive clothes or expensive gifts is not important. I can survive with a $20 non-label bag and most of my clothes or shoes cost less than $50 bucks but I am still happy with it. So what if I spend $100 on a pair of shoes or dress? Nobody would know and I am someone who hates being in debt. There was a time when I kept thinking of buying LV bags and stuff but in the end I realized that life wasn't about branded stuff. Of course, I would still buy a LV bag because LV bags are really long lasting but if I won't die if I don't have it. I will only buy it if I can afford it cause I am someone who hates being in debt.
Right now, I am learning to be contended with I have. And I am glad to say I have improved when it comes to spending money. Have passed the stage of impluse buying. Now, whenever I see something I like, I won't buy it immediately; instead I will go home and think about if I really need it. And most of the time, I will realized that I don't really need it at all. The only thing that I will think about are books. Many people can't understand why I love reading books and buying books so much. Well.....I can't understand as well. I loved reading since young and as long as I have a book with me, I can spend the whole day in bed reading. My wish is to have a mini library even though I am not sure how long that would take me to achieve. Currently my goal is to have 100 novels and I am already reaching 60 books so it shouldn't take quite long.

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