Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Little Gift For Myself

Finally received my new mp3 player, the Creative Zen today! A little birthday gift which I got for myself. Although I got to control my spending for the coming months due to some unforeseen circumstances, this gift didn't cost me that much. Got it at the Creative online store for S$99 + $6 delivery charge = S$105. The usual price is about S$249 but thanks to GSS, the price was slashed down to S$99! My colleagues were asking me why didn't I get an iPod instead, but frankly, I'm not a fan of the iPod. It costs way too much and doesn't come with a radio function. I have been using Creative mp3 players since my first very player and I have no complaints about it. Been using my current mp3 player, the Zen Micro for almost 3 years and till now it's still in a perfect working condition. If not for the sale, I probably wouldn't have bought a new player. Looking forward to tomorrow cause I will be taking my last paper for this term! The new term will commence on 23 June 2008 which gives me a week to rest and relax. After that, it will be battle time for another 3 more months and then I will be FREE! Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I don't ask for High Distinctions, just let me pass and I will be very, very thankful. Time to get down to my revision for tomorrow's paper. Have an enjoyable evening everyone!

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