Monday, June 09, 2008

Babes and Clowns

Was taking a break from my exam revision and browsing through my photos collection. Whilst browsing, I came across the folder, "Memoirs of Babes and Clowns" and I opened the folder. Inside the folder were several sub-folders which I had named it according to the date and reason of the gathering. While browsing through the sub-folder "160506 - Gathering at Marche Suntec", I came across the above photos.

Got to know the Babes and Clowns way back in 2005 when we did our Advanced Diploma in Mass Communications at MDIS. Knew Kate first, followed by Jasmine, Damon, Joshua and Wilson.

How I got to know Kate was the funniest. It was our first lesson and both of us were standing at the entrane to the lecture hall and because I wasn't sure if that was the right classroom and as she was the only soul beside me at that time, I asked her, "Are you here for the lesson (can't remember which module it was)?" Her reply was "Yup" and after that we decided to sit together in class and the rest like they say is history.

Jasmine, well, both Kate and I got to know her cause of a book. We were required to buy a particular book for a particular module and as Jasmine was still in poly back then, she managed to borrow the book from the poly's library and she asked us if we were interested to get a copy of it as well as she was going to photocopy the that particular book (don't followed in our footsteps cause it's illegal to do that). From then on, the 3 of us got stuck together for every lesson.

Damon came into the picture during one particular lesson. He was late for class and as there weren't any more seats left, we asked if he would like to sit with us. Being the clown that he was, the 4 of us hit it off immediately and soon he became a regular fixture in our group.

As for Joshua ad Wilson, I got to know them through Kate. Somehow, all of us just clicked and from there, the six of us would be seated together whenever we had lessons together.

I can't remember exactly how we started calling ourselves Babes and Clowns but I do remember it was something that Jasmine said. From then, we were known as the Babes and Clowns.

Back then, we used to spend so much time together, be it in class or outside class. They were there for me when I went for all the interviews at SilkAir and when I was contemplating whether to take up the offer when I got selected. They were there when I decided to take up SilkAir's offer and quit working for Dezign Format. We had birthday celebrations for each other and although I had a irregular schedule due to my flight roster, we tried our best to meet up regularly.

However, the gatherings got lesser and lesser the moment we completed our course. In the end, it ended with all of us not meeting at all except for Wilson and myself.

Looking through the photos brought back lots of sweet and wonderful memories with the Babes and Clowns. I guess our friendship is different now and it's going to be very hard to go bak to how we used to be. Jasmine is busy teaching; Kate, well, we're not very sure what she's doing; Damon is busy touring the world with Singapore Airlines, Joshua is back to being a full-time student at SMU and Wilson is busy with his work and studies at SMU. As for me well, I'm busy with work and studies as well.

Where ever the rest of the Babes and Clowns may be, I wish them all the best in everything they are doing or pursuing and may happiness be with them always.

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