Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Special Thanks

Submitted my 2000 words thesis for Communications Management II earlier. Finally...1 more assignment done. Another 1 more individual assignment and 2 group assignments to go and after that, it will be the dreadful EXAMS. After that, I can finally take a short breather before the battle starts again. However, I don't think I did a good job for my 2000 words thesis. Too much happened during the last 3 weeks and I was very badly affected by it. As such, I didn't have any mood to concentrate on the essay and left it undone all the way until Sunday. Last minute work again. But anyway, I have tried my best and all I can do now is to cross my fingers and pray hard that my lecturer will be satisfied with my thesis. Lots of photos to share but it will have to hold for a little while. It's going to be busy week with the set-up for the Vesak Day decorations for CBBS and the display fixtures at Toys R Us. Also, I would like to thank a few people for their support these few weeks in this entry and they are not in any particular order. God-Brother (Wilson) My dearest Brother, thanks for coming down to keep me company on Saturday night. I am sorry to have got you worried about me. Although I am still very badly affected by what happened, at least I have managed to stop crying these 2 days. Thanks for the 七仔 which you got for me and I really love it alot although my dearest 七仔 is balding a little. It will take a long time for me to get back on my feet this time round but I promise that I will harbour any negative thoughts anymore. I will make an effort to concentrate on my studies and try my best to score good results. Thanks for always being there for me, dishing out your advise and making me see things from another angle. < Gary Mr. Ching Cheong, thanks for buying me food earlier. Although we only have known each other for less than a year, you have been a pillar of support all these while. We might have our conflicts but you made me realized that sometimes, it doesn't kill to apologize. Thanks for your patience and understanding during the times when I was being a little obnoxious and stubborn. You have never failed to cheer me up whenever you see a moody me in class. Thanks for the advise which you have given me all these while and the company on the train journey home after classes. Thanks for the times when you let me hold on to your sleeve so that I won't fall in the packed train. I guessed by now some of the sleeves of your shirts must have gotten a little too loose. With you in class, I will always look forward to going to class and let us endure for a little year and then we will be free from all the assignments and examinations. And get your car soon then we won't have to take the crowded train after classes. Jupiter 小 Jup, you are one great guy who have never failed to lighten my mood with your jokes and facial expressions. You and your funny antics have always made me felt that going to class was a fun time. As Gary have mentioned before, put the 2 of us together and we will be 2 crazy fellows. Although there's a wide gap in our age, we can talk about lots crap together. Both you and Gary are the one the best thing that has happened to me in this course and the 3 of us shall endure and work hard together to getting our degree. (Pssst...I used your favourite banana color too. Hehehe.) As a parting shot, I would like to share 2 photos which Gary send me earlier to cheer me up. Thanks Mr. Ching Cheong.

A McDonald character getting whacked by a MONSTER!!! Does anyone still remember this McDonald character? It seems that the other characters from the McDonald's family and where have they gone?
Another McDonald character. Why is this character so happy? Is it because the character in the previous photo got whacked?

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