Tuesday, May 27, 2008

lunch time

it's lunch time again but still don't feel like having lunch.

have been real busy for the past few weeks, rushing to get all my assignments completed for submission. on top of that, work has been really hectic with most of my clients preparing for GSS.

now that GSS has started and all my assignments have been submitted, i can finally take a little breather but it's not for long cause exams will start next week.

one good thing is that exams will end before my birthday....at least i can enjoy my birthday in peace without having to think about exams.

as mentioned in my earlier posts, there are lots of photos to be uploaded, will get it done these few days. was supposed to do it last night but ended chilling at orchid country club with kenny and guys after work. don't think i will be able to do it tonight cause am going hiking later. time to get my body to do some work out.

hmmm....stomach's starting to growl...shall go and feed it with some food to stop it from growling.

have a nice day every one.....

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