Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Overdue Update

Another long overdue update. Hee...

Forgive me ok? Most of the times, I really can't help it cause I having a tough time managing my time at the moment. By the time I reached home everyday, I don't have much energy to blog. Either that or I will be busy doing some other time. All right, all right, no more whining. Hee...

The photos below were taken when I met up with God-Bro on 22/ 04/ 2008. Had dinner at Hogsbreath VivoCity because it was Ladies Night at Hogsbreath and I had a craving for steak again. *slurps* Anyway, as I have mentioned, it's Ladies Night at Hogsbreath every Tuesday and ladies get 50% off their bill. Their steak are pretty nice but if you are small eater, you might consider getting the 200gram serving if you are ordering from the Prime Rib steak menu. The usual serving is 300gram but it can be a little too big for small eaters.

The other reason why I enjoy going to Hogsbreath is that it never fails to bring back my memories of the days in Perth. Hmmmm....don't ask me why but maybe it's the decor and the ambience there. And also the genre of music which they play over there is Retro which is my favourite too. Haa...I admit, I am one old gal. Hehe...

Photos above: The tired looking me with my super-duper HEAVY eyebags

Photo above: Today's Special Menu

Photo above: Really enjoyed the songs which this guy sang

Photo above: Decor of the bar counter

Photo above: I wonder if anyone has ever taken up this challenge??

Photos above: My order of Prime Rib and God-Bro's order of burger, can't remember what's the name of his order though...

Photo above: Came up with this list towards the end of dinner. And God-Bro's question was "How come it's all western countries?" That's because I am not a fan of Asian countries. Don't ask me why though, cause it's been the case since young.

After dinner, we went to watch the movie "Awake" which I mentioned in my previous entry. This movie is pretty good, I'll give a rating of 4.5/ 5. I wanted to give 5/5 but because I actually puked after the movie due to some of the scenes in the movie (it didn't help that I had medium rare steak just before the movie) so it will have to do with a 4.5/5 rating by me.

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