Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Labour Day

Happy Labour Day

For those who has got nothing on tomorrow, maybe you can try catching the movie "IRON MAN". Just went to watch it earlier with God-Bro and I must say that the show is FANTASTIC.

I'm not really the type of person who will watch superheroes movies but since I had already watched movies like "Definitely, Maybe", "Awake", Superhero Movie" we decided on Iron Man. Moreover, it was the show with a timing that starts after my class. Anyway, I actually watch the movie in a total blur, cause I remove my contact lenses halfway through the show. My eyes were feeling so dry that no matter eyedrops I used, it still didn't help. Serves me right for crying so badly in the evening (all right...don't ask about it cause I have sorted out my feelings). There were some parts that I had to squint but at least it was better than forcing myself to watch with my lenses on cause the feeling was really uncomfortable.

And after Iron Man, the next movie that I am going to watch will be "Harold & Kumar - Escape from Guantanamo Bay" either on Friday or next week. And there are lots more movies coming up that I can't wait to watch. Hehe...No choice, I am a movie addict. Even if I am at home on Saturday, I will be parked at my couch and watching the movies on HBO non-stop. Last Saturday was "Final Destination 3" followed by "Pursuit of Happyness". But I might have to give HBO a miss this weekend cause my essay is more important at this moment of time.=

As such, I am going to be a good gal and stay at home to get my 2000 words essays for CMM2123 completed cause submission date is next Monday. *sighhhh* I can forget about rotting at home tomorrow and doing nothing now. =(

But I will endure, endure and endure!!!

Another few more months of hardship and then I will be free!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, think my screws are coming loose. All right, time to stop and hit the sack.


Disillusioned Gracie

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