Friday, May 30, 2008


it used to be maple story that got me hooked on online gaming but it's been a long time since i last played maple story. after i got my psp, i got hooked on the games that my friend downloaded into my i'll only play with occasionally. now.....i'm addicted to a new online game.....SUSHIDO!!!
thanks to jup jup for introducing me to this website there are a few games to play, games like Wahjong, Big 2.5 and as i have mentioned Sushido. You will mostly be playing with other internet users so you can get your friends to play together. ought to be revising for my IMC paper on monday but haven't got the mood to really start my revision. don't know why either. maybe there's too much on my mind recently. oh...and please take note of this website this website claims to sell authentic LV and Gucci merchandises at prices which are 30% - 70% below the retail amount but in fact, they are just out to cheat people of their money. when you have placed an order with them, they will ask you to make payment asap but once you have made the payment, you will NOT hear from them again. in their website, they will have customers' testimonials and sound very professional but do not be fool by them. if they happened to add you on friendster, just ignore them.

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