Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dillah's Wedding

my heartiest congrats to fadillah (my favourite & closest batch mate from silkair) who embarked on a new chapter in her life on 6 april 2008. am really glad that she has found her happiness and the luv of her life.

didn't really talk much during her wedding as she was pretty busy taking photos with her family, relatives and friends. could see that that she wasn't feeling well but she still put on her best smile for everyone.

even though we are no longer working together, i still missed the times when we went through our training together. can still remember the first time when we met. we were the first two to reach STC for our interview and i still remember what she was wearing, white top and brown pants. and our first words to each other were, "are you here for the interview?" ^_^

till now, she remains the one and only batch mate that i am closest to and even though we don't work together anymore, we still keep in touch with each other. however, due to our conflicting schedules, we can't really meet up that often.

no matter, she will always be my babe and i will treasure the memories of the time where we spend together at silkair deep in my heart. d^_^b

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