Sunday, February 24, 2008


Woke up at 8.30 a.m. this morning to go to the Singapore Air Show 2008 which was being held at Changi Exhibition Centre since I had 2 complimentary tickets to the show. It's been a long time since I woke up so early on a Sunday morning, but because I slept at 9.00 p.m. last night, it wasn't so hard to get out of bed this morning.

Met Gary at Jurong East MRT Station and he was on time for once. Our plan was to take the train to Pasir Ris and take the shuttle bus to the exhibition centre but the queue was so long that we decided to take a cab instead.

Upon reaching the bridge leading to the exhibition centre, we realised that there was a very heavy traffic jam! We decided to wait in the cab and alight when we were nearer to the entrance. Shortly after, the flying performance started and we decided to alight at the bridge and walked to the centre. At least, we can walk and watch the performance at the same time. The result of walking under the scorching sun was, I ended up getting tanner again. 

After a long walk, we finally reached the exhibition centre. And I spotted this limousine outside the registration centre. Decided to snap a photo of it cause you don't really get to see a limousine in Singapore.

As the flying performance had already started by the time we reached, we missed the chance to view the A380 on display. However, we managed to catch it during the flying performance.

The above photo shows how "childish" Mr. Gary can be at times. He actually made this face twice so that I can take a photo of it and when I told him that I will posting this photo on my blog, he got scared and told me to post a photo of a more handsome him. But too bad.

As shown in one of the photo above, there was a huge crowd watching the flying performance. Took the photo below because I found it quite interesting. This particular auntie actually used the map to wrapped over her shoulder to protect her shoulders from the scorching sun. An innovative way.We only watched the performance for a short while because almost all the fighter planes were performing the same stunts and we decided to head down to the static aircraft display area to take a look at the aircrafts which were on display.

We left around 2.30 p.m. and a shock was waiting for us when we went to look for the queue for the shuttle bus to take us back to Pasir Ris. The photo above shows how long the queue was!

We waited for almost 45 minutes before we managed to get on the bus. Because of the weather and the massive crowd, I was very pissed off. And 2 cheena kids made things worse by making so much noise and trying to cut the queue. Although I am a person who dotes on kids alot, I just couldn't stand these 2 kids. So, I held on to the railings and they couldn't move on any further. They made in to the front of the queue in the end but they couldn't board the bus because they had to wait for their father who was behind us. All these while, while the 2 boys were making a nuisance of themselves and wandering off, their father didn't even bothered about them, he just carried on chatting with his friend. I was like, "WTF? Don't you care whether your kids get lost or worse, hurt themselves because they were jostling through the crowd?" What's wrong with some parents nowadays? In the past, we didn't even dare to leave our parents' side if we were at some crowded places, for the fear of getting lost.

After this Air Show, both of us have decided that we will not attend the Air Show next year. One major turn-off was the massive crowd and the poor crowd control by the management.

Headed down to East Coast Park for our lunch cum dinner after that. My stomach was growling when we were in the cab because I only had a curry puff for breakfast and we didn't had any lunch.

In the end, we ate so much that we were so full and had to take a stroll to digest all the food that we had consumed. And Gary actually suggested that we go blading!!! Of course, we didn't do it in the end because we were feeling so full and moreover, I didn't have blades with me.

After the stroll, we walked over to Marina Parade to take the bus to Bedok Interchange to take the train at Bedok MRT Station. Luckily, there were 2 seats even though the train was very packed and after walking around for the whole day, it felt so good to sit down and rest our aching feet

All right, shall stop here now. Am feeling so tired now. Another long day tomorrow and school reopens tomorrow and this semester, we have classes thrice a week. Just thinking about it is enough to make me feel tired.

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