Thursday, February 07, 2008


Got together with the girls; Destinee, Wee Nie and Destinee's Dad for our first reunion dinner on 4 February 2008. Although it was just a simple steam-boat dinner at Destinee's place, we still enjoyed ourselves alot. Dinner started late though, close to 9.00 p.m. as we had to buy the food after we had knocked off from work and when we reached Destinee's place, we still had to prepare the food.

On the way to the MRT station, we stopped at a corner for Destinee to make a phone call.

Both Destinee and myself were actually wearing similar heels. Guess which belongs to who?

It's cam-whoring time after our steam-boat dinner. This is one of my favourite photo.

Myself and Nie Nie acting cute.

Showing off Destinee's new boots. Notice the funny expression that both Destinee and I had? It was actually to make fun of Nie Nie because in the 1st shot that we were trying to get of the boots, we thought that her smile look fake so we made this expression in this photo. 

The 2nd photo that I love alot. Nie Nie looks so cute with that expression of hers.



Sweet lDestinee was trying to cover her pimple hence that pose, but she still looks so pretty. 
This photo is another of my favourite.

What's that smell? Was it coming from the boots? Of course not...we were just trying to be funny. We took a long time to get this photo. This was because Destinee was wearing her boots and she had to lie down and position her leg in such a way that we would be able to get it in the photo. She was having a cramp in her leg by the time we managed to get this photo.

With our mobile phones - 2 Nokia + 1 Sony Ericsson

Princess Nie Nie and Princess Destinee

Oops!! Caught on the camera for drinking Coke...Hehehe...

What was going on? Actually, we have no idea...This was just a candid shot.

We took a long time to get this shot thanks to Nie Nie cause she couldn't get the position right. In the end, Destinee swopped places with her and we finally managed to get this shot. And guess which hand belongs to who.

(Left - Destinee, Center - Nie Nie, Right - Myself)

Even though we had try not to buy too much food, we still ended up not finishing all the food. We even had a second round at about 12.00 midnight......but we didn't eat too much cause the 3 of us were still so full from the first round.

Meanwhile, here's wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!!! May everyone collect lots and lots of red packets and good luck to those who will be gambling.


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