Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pre CNY Activities

This year, there were 2 Pre-Chinese New Year activities; one of which kept me pretty busy on top on my work and studies.

27 January 2008 - Sunday
Event: Bao Gong Temple Chinese New Year Charity Dinner
Venue: Jalan Kayu

As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, BGT organized a charity dinner for the old folks from 5 selected old folks home.

Before the event, there were lots of work to be done, from the co-ordination work between the old folks home and the transportation company, finding sponsors for the event and goodies bag, to the preparation of the items to be given out to the old folks. As I was doing all these voluntary, I had to make sure that it would clash without my work schedule. This was good as it taught me to manage my time even better.

On the day of the dinner, we reached BGT around 3.00 p.m. On the way to BGT, we were so afraid that it would rain as it was raining heavily in Jurong. All of us actually prayed very hard that it wouldn't rain during the event. As it was an outdoor dinner, it would be very troublesome if it started raining and it would caused a lot of inconvenience for the old folks. Our prayers were answered as it did not rain throughout the whole dinner but guessed out?? The moment the last bus went off, it started raining cats and dogs!!! Eeerrriiieeee.....

Although I was very tired and my whole body was aching after that, I still felt very happy. Seeing the smiles on the old folks's faces made everything seem worthwhile. d^_^b

Next Photo: The bags of mandarin oranges to be distributed to the old folks

Next Photo: The Goodies Bag to be distributed to the old folks as well

Next Photo: Items inside the goodies bags

Next Photo: The sand scuplture

Next 2 Photos: 财神爷

Next Photo: Photo of my PUMA sneakers

Next 5 Photos: Arrival of the old folks

Next 2 Photos: The old folks enjoying the puppet show and the refreshments

Next Photo: The old folks enjoying their dinner

Next Photo: I'm the odd one out because they didn't have any more of the smaller size t-shirt

25 February 2008 - Sunday
Event: 2208 庆丰宴
Venue: Blk 22 Woodlands Link

For the 1st time, the committee members of Woodlands East Industrial Estate decided to have a Chinese New Year dinner before everyone went for the Chinese New Year holidays.

It was the usual dinner, lion dance performance, KTV session and lucky draw. Our company was the luckiest cause we won not only the 9th and 5th prize, we won the 1st prize too!!! And the lucky winner got 2 tickets worth $500!!! How I wish I was the lucky winner but I wasn't...sob...sob...well...I can save $$$ and go on my own. d^_*b
Didn't eat much that night as I was busy taking photos. Running around, taking photos as though I am a paparazzi...hehe. But again, even though it was tiring, I still enjoyed myself alot with everyone enjoying themselves and having fun. And as I was seated with my production team, they kept making fun of me and asking me to drink. But as usual, I rejected each and every of them because I don't like to drink. And as usual, they kept egging me but too matter how many times they tried, they still failed! hahahah....

Next Photo: The stage

Next Photo: Ah Kong & Princess

Next Photo: The lion dance performance

Next Photo: Can you see the lucky numbers????

Next Photo: With my Production Team and my boss

Next Photo: Lobster....Lobster....

Next Photo: My Violet 老姐and Princess

Next Photo: My 大哥 that I respect alot

Next Photo: Our Production Team - Bangladesh Workers

On an ending note, after getting involved in the charity dinner, I've realised that it's really quite meaningful to do voluntary work. It may be tiring but when you see the smiles, it's really worth all the hard work and time that you put in. There are a lot of people out there who not as lucky as many of us, especially old folks and the children.

At times when I feel that I am very unlucky, I will always remind myself that I am ACTUALLY VERY LUCKY as compared to lots of people out there. Sad to say, there are times when I am NOT CONTENTED with what I havebut I am trying very hard to learn to be contented with what I have now.


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