Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Another day has passed again.

After tomorrow, NATAS Travel 2008 will start and I won't have to go down to Singapore Expo at least until the end of the event.

Classes have already commenced on Monday. Had my first lesson for Communications Management on Monday, Public Relations Issues and Crisis Management earlier and tomorrow, it's Integrated Marketing Communications. There are lots of assignments and essay writing this semester and not just group projects. There's also an individual assessment for each module. Lots of reading and research to be done this semester. 

Recently, something that happened made me really think about the kind of people we meet. Frankly speaking, I'm not someone with many good friends. I guessed this is because from young, my beloved Grandma had always told me one doesn't need a lot of friends, we only need to have a few good friends and that's enough. Another reason is because in the past, I had been betrayed by my so called friends and been taken advantage of; to the point where I finally told myself that I had enough of everything. As such, there are only a few people whom I considered my good friends and buddies and they know who they are. For some, I have known them for years and for some, less than a year.

To me, it doesn't mean that I have to know someone for a very long time in order to get along and it doesn't mean that if I have known someone for a short period of time, we can't be good friends. It all depends on how sincere we are towards each other, how much effort we are willing to put in to maintain the friendship and whether or not we treasure the friendship.

I treasured the friendships that I have with my good friends and buddies and I know that I will always be there for them no matter what happens. What's important is seeing my good friends and buddies happy and that's enough for me.

(For personal reasons, I'd decided to delete part of this entry. For those who had read it, I would appreciate if you don't ask me who that person.)

Ultimately, different people have different characters and not everyone can get along with each other. Some of us can only be mer acquaintance while some of us can become really good friends.

friend·ship /ˈfrɛndʃɪp/–noun

1. the state of being a friend; association as friends: to value a person's friendship.
2. a friendly relation or intimacy.
3. friendly feeling or disposition.

[Origin: bef. 900; ME; OE fréondscipe.]
—Synonyms2. harmony, accord, understanding, rapport.

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