Wednesday, February 06, 2008

End of Examinations!!!

2nd February 2008 - Saturday

This was one of the happiest day in 2008 for me. That was because I had my last paper for this term. After burning the midnight oil for endless nights, I can finally take a short break and enjoy the CNY holidays.

Even though I spend many nights burning the midnight oil, I didn't really managed to study alot. Most of the time, I was re-reading whatever I had read through because I just couldn't get all the information into my brain.

The worst part was that I wasn't really in the mood to do any revision because something sad happened which I am not going to mention here. All I can do now is to pray hard that I will be able to pass. I am not greedy, as long as I can pass the papers, I am contented.

With Jupiter after our papers, while waiting for Gary to finish his paper

The very SHOCKED!!! look

Having fun tying his tie

With Gary after our papers...on the way to Orchard

After the papers, Gary and I made our way to Orchard as I had to attend my colleague's wedding lunch. Actually I didn't wanted to go as I was really vvvvvvvverrrryyyy tired and I had to meet Chris after that, but as she had already invited me, I had no choice but to drag myself there. Didn't eat much too cause there wasn't much food left by the time I reached. Stayed there for a while before making my way to Chinatown to meet Christina.

The 2 Gs: Gelsey & Grace

Back: (From left) Jim, Silvia, Silvia's Hubby, Mike - My boss, Myself
Front: (From left) Eric - my new manager, Daniel - my ex manager, Danny, Gelsey & Violet

With Violet again

Met Christina at Chinatown but it started raining heavily when I reached there, so we went to Vivo City instead. Felt kinda of sad because I will always go to Chinatown before CNY every year even though I had nothing to buy. It has become kind of a tradition but since it was raining heavily and we had no umbrellas, I didn't see the point in staying there any longer.
Had brunch at White Dog Cafe at Vivo City and went shopping for new bedlinens after that. Had a really good time catching up with Chris as it has been donkey years since we last met each other. Gotta try and meet up with her as much as I can cause she might going to England to further her studies next year.

White Dog Cafe
(Was telling Chris that we can open a BLACK Dog Cafe...hehehe)

That's how they serve the ice water. Guessed it saves them the hassle of refilling as well.


Chris aka Leggings with her short hair

The Spicy Drumlets
Do give these a try if you ever visit this cafe, this is real DELICIOUS!!! *yummy*

The Forest Pizza that we had

The CNY goodies which Chris bought for me, thanks sweetie. *muackz*

There are more photos of Chris and myself but I am still waiting for her to send me the photos. Will upload them once she sends it to me.

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