Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Date: 19 January 2008 (Saturday)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Sorry for the VVVVVVVVVVVVVeeeeerrrrryyyyy long delay in uploading the photos for Jay Chou's concert in Singapore.

Attended the concert with Ms. Tan and the both of us enjoyed ourselves tremendously!!!!! Lolx. My voice was hoarse by the end of the concert but it was worth it. Even when the concert ended, I still didn't want to leave. :P

What was surprising though was I DID NOT BUY ANY of the concert merchandise. One reason was because of the long queue and the other was......I kinda of find that it's a waste of $$$. I used to buy lots of the concert merchandises whenever I attended Jay Chou's concert but I never ever got to using it. So, this time round, I decided not to waste my money at all. And Ms. Tan was so happy...she actually congratulated me and said that I had GROWN UP!!!!

All right, shall cut the crap and here's the photos......

Next Photo: Outside the stadium with Jay Chou's display figurine

Next Photo: Ms. Hung & Ms. Tan

Next 2 Photos: With our hand-held signages, courtesy of Starhub

Next 2 Photos: The stage before the concert started

Next Photo: The crowd moving in to the stadium

Next Photo: The hand-held signage & my pink light stick

Next Photo: Jay Chou performing his 1st song for the concert

Next Photo: His 2nd song

Next Photo: While performing 麦芽糖

Next Photo: The piano which I simply LOVE!!!

Next Photo: Jay Chou performing 千里之外

Next Photo: The unique and lovely chandelier

Next Photo: Special Guest Appearance by 南拳妈妈

Next Photo: Jay Chou performing with 南拳妈妈

Next Photo: High! High! High!!!

Next Photo: Talented Jay Chou with his drum set

Next Photo: Jay Chou actually came down the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next Photo: The finale!!!!

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