Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY 2008


Finally 2007 is over and it's the 1st day of 2008! 

It's a brand new year and brand new resolutions.

Looking back, I've managed to keep to some of my resolutions for 2007 and achieved the goals which I set for myself. For those resolutions and goals which I did not managed to achieve, I will try even harder this year.

New Year's Eve was spent with my colleagues and family. As usual, I had to work but not much work was completed because everyone was in a relaxed mood.

Went over to my cousins' place for BBQ after work. Only managed to reach there around 8.30 p.m. because I left my office at 7.00 p.m. And because their place was at Katong, I had to take quite a while to reach. Everyone was already there by the time I reached and I was so hungry that once I was done with greeting everyone, I started attacking the food!!! 

Our plan was to head down to Esplanade to catch the fireworks display after the BBQ but after my cousin's suggestion, we decided otherwise. Guess what her suggestion was? To walk from her place to Esplanade!!!! She must be mad!!! Anyway, as Mummy was feeling tired, we left around 10.30 p.m.

Another cousin of mine came over to my place to pass Mummy some stuff and after he left, we spent the last hour of 2007 watching the Countdown show on Channel 5.

New Year's Day was spent with Wilson and DS. Met Wilson in the afternoon and we had lunch at Great World City. It was shopping time after that, as I needed to get some stuff for my room and also to look for a golf set. Surprisingly, I didn't buy much stuff, just kept to my list of items which I wanted to buy. The only extra item which I bought was an Adidas jacket but that was because it was so cheap! Got it at the Adidas Factory outlet at a whopping 70% discount and what was a $130.00 jacket became $40.00! Good bargain. 

We went to lots of shopping malls that I felt so sick because of all the crowd. Great World City, Anchorpoint, IKEA, Novena Square and Square 2. Five malls in a day. 

Met DS for New Year's Dinner at Suntec at night, followed by the movie "I Am Legend" after that. DS wanted to watch "The Warlords" but because they were not screening the movie at The Cathay, we decided to watch "I Am Legend" instead. Enjoyed the movie alot even though it was a sad movie. I was thinking, would I be able to survive if it was me? Hmmm....a question to think about.

So, that was how I spent my New Year's Eve. Even though it was nothing special, I still felt very happy. Maybe because it's a brand new year but I am glad that I was surrounded by people who Love me.

That's all for now. Once again, Happy New Year everyone!

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