Monday, December 17, 2007



Amist the crowded Orchard, Christmas songs everywhere and heavy rain on Saturday, I'd finally managed to get my Xmas shopping done.

I have to admit that it was not an easy task given the crowded Takashimaya. Everywhere I went, it was chaotic!! I had to squeeze through dozens and dozens of human beings to get what I wanted and it was not easy handling 2 basket fulls of merchandise. Even my clients at Takashimaya was SHOCKED to see me buying so much stuff. Lolx. Moreover, I had only 2 hours to get the shopping done as I had to rush to meet Nicole after that.

Anyway, the worst was to come after I had completed my shopping spree. I had planned to take the bus down to Holland Village to meet Nicole but to my dismay, it was raining cats and dogs when I stepped out of Takashimaya. The only 2 choices I had then was [1] to take a cab down or [2] to take the MRT. As I was carrying 3 bigs bags of stuff, I decided to go for option 1 but knowing the taxi queue in Ngee Ann City would be damn bloody long, I decided to head down to Wisma Atria and called for a cab while I was making my way there. However, I couldn't get a cab even when I had reached Wisma Atria and as I was going to be late, I decided to go for option 2.

But..........even that didn't worked, cause the sheltered walkway leading from Wisma Atria to Orchard MRT station was packed. I was stucked there for a good 10 minutes and the crowd didn't move a single inch. No choice. Had to call Nicole and informed her that I would be late (luckily she was very understanding). So I had no choice but to go back to option 1 again. So I tried calling for a cab again and after waiting for close to 20 minutes, I managed to get a cab.....finally.

It was already 5.15 p.m. by the time I reached Holland Village and Nicole was already waiting at Essential Brew by the time I reached. I felt so bad for making her wait because it's been years since we last met and the one time that we met up, I was late. Luckily she was very understanding about it. :)

Anyway, we spent the evening at Essential Brew over tea, potato wedges and onion rings, chatting and gossiping away. Even though it's been so long since we last saw each other, we still clicked. It was like being back to secondary school days. :) Sometimes, it feels really good to meet up with friends and catch up with each other.

After that, I went home to drop my stuff and took a shower before meeting David. Went for dinner at Tony Roma's before heading to Plaza Singapura to catch the movie "Good Luck Chuck". Even though the movie was quite funny, I didn't really enjoyed it. That was because we were seated at the FIRST row!!! I didn't want to watch it but the other time slot was like at 1.30 am in the morning! Since we had nothing to do, I decided to watch it in the end but my poor neck was aching like hell after that.

* * * * *


Did another round of xmas shopping but didn't managed to get the stuff that I wanted to. Spent my Sunday night watching Star Awards and wrapping all the Christmas presents. Boring...I know. Wanted to meet up with Desty but the darling already had plans so I decided to get all the wrapping done otherwise I won't have the time to do it.

By the time I finished with the wrapping, it was already midnight. Even though I was feeling very tired, I still couldn't go to bed cause I still had to get my ironing done. If I don't get it done, I won't have any clothes to wear to work, so matter how tired I was and how much I had ironing, I still had to drag myself to get all the ironing done. It's at times like this that I wished that my maid was still around but well, that's life. :)

And I received my 1st Xmas pressie from Joey today!

Didn't expect her to get anything for me but she actually did and passed it to me in class. She didn't really know what to get for me but she remembered me saying that I like accessories and she bought a necklace for me. Was supposed to pass them (Joey, Gary, Jup, Terence and Rebecca) their Xmas presents today but it was raining heavily when I left office so I decided to pass it to them tomorrow.

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