Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Princess Gang's 1st Xmas

Met up with the Princesses on 23rd Dec for our Xmas gift exchange session.
Was supposed to meet on the 22nd but as both Desty and Janelle wasn't in Singapore, we postphoned it to the 23rd.
As usual, it was a session of gossiping and bitching around again...Hahaha.
Did manicure and nail art for Desty and Jan.As for Nie Nie, well....she didn't want to do it so she spent her time playing with Desty's DSLite while I did the girls' nails.
Next pic: Gracie at work...doing's Desty's nails
Next pic: Nail art for Janelle and Desty

Next pic: Nie Nie playing with Desty's DSLite
Next pic: My work's done, so I'm lazing around with Ah Girl and because I didn't have any make-up on, I decided to hide behind Ah Girl
Next pic: What we get up to when we are bored...torturing Desty's piglet...hahaha

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