Monday, December 31, 2007

Long Overdue Post Xmas Updates

This is a very long overdue entry but still it's better late than never. =)

The 1st part is about my 2nd Xmas celebration with Wilson Kor Kor minus the other babes and clowns cause everyone is well....busy.

The 2nd part will be Boxing Day in class with Gary and Jupiter.

Since there's going to be plenty of photos, I shall keep the writing less.

And here goes:

Part 1: Xmas Celebrations with Wilson Kor Kor

Next Pic: We had our lunch at Imperial Treasure at Ngee Ann City. Most of the dim sum were fried because by the time we placed our orders, most of the steamed dim sum were already sold out.

Next Pic: Went to ART FRIEND after lunch as we needed to get some art and craft stuff. And found a foam CROWN which Wilson Kor Kor got for me.

Next Pic: The very special XMAS tree at CENTRAL

Next Pic: The very lovely SNOWMAN that I found at CENTRAL

Next Pic: The SEIKO watch which I wanted to buy for myself but decided not to in the end. Shall start my SEIKO watch fund and save up for it. No more IMPULSE BUYING!!!

Next Few Pics: Went to GIRAFFE at Istana Park to chill out and rest our feet after walking around for a few hours.

Next Pic: Our Xmas gift for each other
Next Pic: My Xmas gift from Wilson Kor Kor. He wanted to get me a watch from Kenneth Cole initially but the watch was still too big for me even after shortening the strap to the max, so he got me this watch from Esprit instead.

Next Pic: Wilson Kor Kor with his Xmas gift from me, a watch from TITUS

Next Pic: With our Xmas gifts

Next 2 Pics: We are so tired......

Next Pic: Swopping our Xmas we look as if we are shooting a commercial for watches? Hehe...
Next Pic: There was this NATIVITY display at Plaza Singapura, so I decided to take some photos before leaving.

Next Pic: I simply LOVE the PINK sheep even though PINK is supposed to be my UNLUCKY color.

Next Pic: Last photo with Ronald McDonald at King Albert Park before we end the day.

Part II: Boxing Day in Communications Management Class

Next Pic: My Xmas pressie from Mr. Gary

Next Pic: With my Xmas pressie...cheers!!!

Next Pic: Our lecturer Saul...Jupiter took his photo while he was talking to us...hehehe

Next Pic: With Mr. Gary. It's our FIRST photo together after so long. =P

Next Pic: With Jupiter. Gary is so afraid to put the two of together because we are 2 crazy fellow and can do all sorts of nonsense when we are together.

Next Pic: It's time to start origami. Please do not be mistaken, we are not attending any origami workshop; it's one of other group's demostration presentation and they chose to touch on origami.

Next Pic: My HAPPY CRANE FAMILY in their boat which I created.

And to end everything, here's what I received this Xmas. Although it isn't alot or expensive gifts, I still appreciate each and everyone of them

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