Saturday, December 22, 2007


another weekend again.

Have just finished saving all my blog entries into my lappy. You guys must be thinking why I am so free to do so right? Well, it's because I've got to print everything out and paste into my precious diary. Other than blogging, I do keep a diary too. But sad to say, I've not been writing in my diary for quite a while. Used to bring my diary around with me but nowadays, my bag is always so heavy that I no longer bring my diary around. I guessed I have got to take all the useless stuff which I don't really need to bring along with me and put my trusty diary back in again.

Come Monday, it will be Christmas Eve again.

I guessed by now, everyone should have already have got their own plans as to how they will be celebrating Christmas. I hope everyone will enjoy their Christmas Eve with their loved ones.

As for me, I guessed I will most probably be spending it at home after work. Yup, I've still got to work on Christmas Eve, not half day but a full day's work. But I guessed I don't really mind, there's plenty of work to get done.

You might be wondering, "Don't you go out and celebrate on Christmas Eve?"

Well, for the past 3 years, I've always wanted to spend with him but that thought has never been able to materialise and I don't think it will be any different this year. :) I used to be very affected by it but now, I am so numb by the hurt that I no longer think about it. What's the point of feeling sad right? Whether I am happy or not, I still have to go through with life, so why I don't just go through it happily right.

Since I am way past the age of partying, I will just stay at home and do my assignments and projects. 2 proposals and 1 group demonstration to be submitted after Christmas and New Year so I think it's time to really start working hard.

Will post the photos of my company Christmas gathering soon, as I have yet to get the remaining photos from my Creative Director.

And once again, it's time to head off to snoozeland. Looking forward to my Christmas lunch and shopping for my Christmas present with Wilson after work later on.

Good night and sweet dreams.

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