Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Everyone Has A Dream...

...so Dream Big!

Do you have a Big Dream inside your heart that hasn't come true yet?

You may not be able to describe it. You may have forgotten it ... but
there is no time like the Christmas Season to get started on your own
daring adventure.

What may first seem like a road full of obstacles is actually a series
of opportunities to help you along toward your destiny. What gets you
beyond the appearance of any obstacle is "heart" ... reconnecting with
the "heart of your desire" in all of this becomes your driving force.

For more than a hundred years, runners tried to break the four-minute
mile. It was considered the "Holy Grail" of track and field. Many said
it couldn't be done. In fact, doctors wrote articles in medical
journals explaining why the human body could never run a mile in less
than four minutes.

However, in May 1954, a British medical student named Roger Banister
ran the mile in 3 minutes, 59.5 seconds. This was an amazing story and
made headlines around the world. Yet what happened afterward is even
more amazing. The four-minute mile was broken again the next month,
and then again ...and again. It has since been broken more than 700
times, sometimes by several people in the same race.

What happened? They weren't training any differently, but for the
first time they believed they could do it. The barriers in the mind
had come down.

This Christmas, remember the power of belief when it comes to
fulfilling your dreams. Every person who has ever achieved any degree
of success has had one thing in common: they believed with all their
heart they could do it.

Hope it renews your mind and rekindles your heart's truest desires.

Enjoy it as often as you need to keep yourself in an uplifted,
miraculous "state of mind."

Today is a great day to go forward into the journey of your life.

Take Heart... and May your heart sing as you embrace this Christmas Season

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