Friday, December 28, 2007


Apologies for the lack of updates.
Been pretty busy with work and school.
Nothing new.

Lots of photos to be uploaded but yet to edit them so will just have to hold on for a while more.

Christmas was a quiet affair this year.
Work on Christmas even and then it was off to Desty's place after that.
Spent lots of money this Christmas buying gifts for my loved ones.
Even though my wallet slimmed down a lot and I didn't get myself anything,
I still felt very happy.

To me, Christmas is all about sharing and giving.
I love playing Santarina and seeing the smile on everyone's face when they received the gifts.
And to me nothing's happier than seeing that smile.

Was supposed to meet Nie Nie on Christmas Day to catch a movie
but it was cancelled due to some personal matters.
Went for Christmas dinner at Raffles Ctiy.
Nothing much, just a simple buffet dinner.
After that it was off to my favorite cinema, The Cathay,
to watch National Treasure 2: The Book of Secret.

Other than that,
life is pretty much the same.

Got a new haircut.
My stylist must be so sick of me.
I'm practically getting her to cut my hair almost every month.

Am so used to short hair,
which is why I have not been able to keep it long.
Maybe it's time for me to start keeping my hair long.
Hopefully I will be able to do that in 2008.

Speaking of that,
time really flies.

In another 3 days,
we will be saying goodbye to 2007 and welcoming 2008.
Hopefully it will be a year of HAPPINESS and LOVE for everyone.
Especially for the Princesses.

Looking back at 2007,
even though it has not been a year of happiness,
I'm glad to say that I had achieved some of the goals which I had set for myself.

Come 2008,
there will be goals which I am going to set for myself and
hopefully I will be able to achieve all of them,
if not 90%.

I believe it's going to be a very busy year too,
with more responsibility in work.

Studies wise,
I'm going to have my exams in February.
But I will bear with it.
Another 10 more months to the day I graduate.

Looking forward to it.

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