Friday, November 16, 2007

Sick, Tired but Happy

After a long week, it's the start of another weekend again.

For once, I'm actually looking forward to the weekend. Cause I can finally take a break and relax for a short while. The past 2 weeks have been pretty hectic with all the work and assignments.

On Deepavali, I had to work as well and that was the week where I had a hard time. Came down with a serious bout of flu, cough, sore-throat and fever. I knew I was very sick when I actually KO from 7.00 pm last Saturday night till 2.00 pm on Sunday.

Not much projects for the time being and because my group don't have to do any lecture or tutorial presentation next week, we can take a breather for a while.

But, we will still have to meet up this Sunday to discuss our proposals and also to get our presentations and essays for our presentation the week after next.

After 3 weeks, I am starting to get the hang of everything. No doubt, it's tiring coping with work and studies but at least I'm not wasting my time. The downside of it is that I am starting to miss my BED alot. Hahaha...Nowadays, it's so hard to get out of bed in the morning. I've practically got to drag myself out of bed on most mornings.

While waiting for DS to finish his stuff after the dinner at the Bao Gong Temple last night, I spent my time playing with little darling Amos. Both my arms are aching from carrying him all the time. A very cute and lovely little boy...and very inqusitive as well. He had so much questions and even though it was already 1.30 am in the morning, he was still very active. Initially, he had his Uncle DS to entertain him but then his Daddy had to talk DS about business, so I took over. Luckily, I had this little darling to keep company...otherwise I think I would have fallen asleep cause we ended leaving around 2.00 am.

On top of my lecture and tutorial notes to keep me company on my MRT and bus journeys, I now have a new toy....the slim and lite PSP. Had wanted to get it previously but as I couldn't decide between this or Nintendo DS Lite, I didn't get it. Imagine my surprise when I reached home on Tuesday and saw this on my desk. KP had mentioned getting it for me last month but I didn't really think he would get it so I didn't give it any thought about it...but who knows, he really got it. And now, I don't read my lecture and tutorial notes on the MRT or bus anymore, my time is spent playing the games in it. And it kept myself, Jacky and William company last night during the dinner last night as well. Hahahahaha....

Another new toy of mine....the Nokia N95. The best part was I only paid $98 for it after trading in my N73 and using the voucher which M1 send me. Was comtemplating between this and K850I but decided to get the N95 because I am a loyal supporter of Nokia. The voucher came at a right time because my N73 was giving me lots of problem and I was thinking of getting a new phone. So now, I have 2 new toys to keep me occupied during my free time. =)

And when I get bored in class, this is what I will do....taking photos of my group mate. This is Jupiter, one of my group mates. Will take photos of my other group mates and post it up when I have the chance.

And now, it's time for me to head off to snoozeland. Half day at work tomorrow, then I can go and catch a movie with Wilson Kor Kor.

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