Thursday, November 22, 2007


Spent a wonderful and enjoyable time last Saturday. It's been a long while since I went out on a Saturday, most of the time, I am either at the office till late afternoon or I will be home sleeping away. Hahahaha.

Met Wilson Kor Kor to watch the "Bee Movie" at Plaza Singapura. Before the show, we went to Chinatown as I had to change a dress for Leyi and Wilson Kor Kor to have lunch.

And this is what happens what my Kor Kor gets too hungry........

While waiting for my Kor Kor to finish his lunch......

As we still have time to spare after lunch, we went to Gelare to have ice-cream, and at the same time for Wilson Kor Kor to read his newspaper and me to play with my PSP. I'm totally addicted to my PSP now. ;p

After that, it was time to watch the movie.....Yippie!!!! Enjoy the movie alot, something to take my mind off after a long and tiring week.
The next movie that I'm looking forward to? ENCHANTED!!!!

Cause I'm a huge fan of DISNEY cartoons and movies!!!! I LOVE Disney and one of my wish to visit all the Disneyland in the world. So far, I've already been to the one in California and HongKong and the next one that I'm targetting???

After the movie, we did some window shopping as we had to get a present for one of the clowns, Mr. Damon.

While shopping, these was what we found...........

Didn't managed to find anything suitable so we decided to go for dinner for carrying on with our search.

The specky me camwhoring while waiting for Wilson Kor Kor to come out from the washroom

That's my Kor Kor with me.....

And so, after dinner, we continued with our search for Damon's present. Since we couldn't find anything at Plaza Singapura, I suggested going to Cathay instead as there was a NewUrbanMale boutique over there. And Bingo!!! We managed to find something for him over there. But....I managed to find something for myself over there and I ended spending money again. ;(

Wilson Kor Kor left shortly after while I stayed on to wait for DS who was meeting me at Cathay to watch the movie "Lust, Caution". He wanted to watch "Beowulf" but too bad for him....all the tickets were sold out.
So we settled on "Lust, Caution" at 1.00 a.m. Didn't really like the movie that much, it was soooooooooo draggy that I was so happy when it finally ended.

Although I was verryyyyy tired at the end of the day, I totally enjoyed myself. Hopefully I will be able to spend each and every Saturday this way but then again.... Shit Happens!!!! Hahaha

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Next Shot: Christmas Tree at Plaza Singapura
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