Thursday, November 01, 2007


Yay...It's finally FRIDAY tomorrow!!!!

Don't get it wrong, I'm not happy because it's the start of the weekend.
I'm happy because Jay Chou's latest album will be released tomorrow!!! hahaha....
Really can't wait to get my hands on the album and start listening to the songs in it.
I guessed that will be what I'm gonna be listening to for the whole of November. =)
Hahaha...think I'm going crazy soon.

Anyway, I had a bad start to the day this morning.
The forgetful clown in me forgot to bring my mobile phone out with me.
The worst part was I only realised it when the train had reached Bukit Batok.
Had no choice but to alight and take the other train back home to get my phone.
Well....if I was working today, I wouldn't have to waste my time to come home and get it but well, as I have mentioned, I didn't have a choice because all my clients' contact numbers are saved in my phone's memory card.

Moreover, I know that my clients will contact me on my mobile phone.
In the end, I had to waste $$$ to take a cab back to office...damn!!!
Could have taken the train but it would be around 10am by the time I reached and I had tons of work waiting to be completed.

Shit happens...but that's life.

Met up with Jan at Orchard after work as I needed to head down to DFS to get David's birthday present.
Was supposed to meet Jan around 7pm to 7.15pm but I ended up reaching there at about 7.30pm!!!

All thanks to SMRT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Due to a track fault, the train that I took was actually DELAYED not once but TWICE!!!!
First at Admiralty, then after that at Bishan.
And each time, it took about 15 minutes for them to rectify the damn problem.
The most irritating thing was that they kept repeating the automated apology every 3 minutes!!
Was trying very hard to read my tutorial notes and yet at the same time, I had to listen to the damn automated apology message over and over again.

Didn't they realised that all the passengers were feeling very pissed off because of the delayed and that by playing the message repeatedly, it would only make everyone feel even more irritated?

As Jan was saying, we should write a letter to SMRT and complain about it.

Here, they are, increasing the bus fare and MRT fares and yet they are not doing anything to keep their system in a tip top condition.

If that's the case, why make us pay more and more every year!?!!!

I guessed that's what we will have to expect when we take the public transport.
How I wish I can get a car now but I don't think that will happen so soon.
Have to finish paying my school fees before I can get a car.

I don't wanna stress myself with all these financial burden.

Anyway, Nie Nie ended up not meeting us cause the forgetful gal forgot that she was meeting her friend tonight...
Can't blame her though; she has been sick for the past few days so I guessed her mind wasn't that clear.
Frankly speaking, I feel quite sad when I hear her sick voice.
Hopefully she will get well soon.

And sweet Jan bought me Strawberry Chocolates!!!!!!

It was very sweet of times when I'm feeling down, the little stuff that my friends do for me will be able to cheer me up.

Thank you, Princess Jan *muacks*'s the cam-whore in me again...hahaha

Attending The New Paper New Face 2007 event

While waiting for my client....


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