Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yesterday & Today

Went for a jog with my Precious Darling after I finished blogging last night. It's been ages since I last went jogging but with all the emotions running wildly, I couldn't take it anymore. I needed an outlet to vent all the frustrations. Jogged for half an hour...wanted to jog even longer but my dearest doggie was panting like mad. Halfway through jogging, I couldn't handle all the emotions and tears started flowing down my face. 

Found a corner to sit down and called Destinee. Didn't talk to Destinee for long because I could sense that she was tired and I didn't want to bother her.

Met Angela around 10pm cause she was feeling very down with her all relationship problems. Spendt 4 hours at the MacDonalds at JEC. Though we didn't talk much about my problems, I felt so much better. 

Talking about her problems was able to take my mind of all the crap that I was facing. Guess it's also my character too. I've never been one to really talk to anyone about my problems. Angela kept telling me that she wished that she was as strong as me, but I told her that I'm not that strong that everyone makes me out to be. 

There had been nights where I would just hide in my room and cry. I'm not that strong; most of the time I will keep myself busy till I am so tired that all I want to do is to sleep. That is why I love sleeping, during then I won't be able to think about all the shit that's happening.

Slept in till noon today cause I was too tired and since there was nothing on in the morning, I decided to continue sleeping. Met Wilson to catch "Meet The Robinsons".

For now, I feel a little better but I know that the feeling will not last. How I wish I can take a break from life at this moment but I know it's not possible. The only thing that I can do is to slowly withdraw back to my little shell.

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