Monday, October 08, 2007


Another 45 minutes before i knocked off.

Today's my first day back at work at Dezign Format. Managed to wake up on time got breakfast at McDonald's before heading to work. 

Was kind of bored at the beginning as there wasn't much to do. Surfed the internet and chatting with the girls. It got better in the afternoon when finally, there was work to be done!

Three events coming up; the first on 22nd, second in November and the last one to be confirmed. Time to get busy with all the meetings and set-ups but I like it!

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Desty said...

okiee.. i know what d other 2 princesses can do liao...hahaha.. have a LIST here..

1. sweep d floor
2. mop d floor
3. HANDwash my clothes
4. IRON my clothes
5. wash d dishes
6. bathe my dog
7. walk my dog
8. play zeropoint with me
9. change my bedsheet for me
10.whatever that needed to be done.. hahahahaha~

what do u think?