Friday, January 19, 2007


Wow, can't believe we are almost at the end of January 2007!

Took a hiatus from blogging as I was busy with my graduation project and presentation. Contracted cornea ulcer n December so I couldn't use my laptop for a long time as well.

Life has been pretty much the same. Started flying again on 15 January after being on medical leave and ground duties since last December. Completed 3 flights (Shenzhen, Phuket and Yangon) and I'm on leave again till next Thursday. After that it's back to work before another leave period in February!

With January coming to an end, it also means there's 8 months left before my bond with SilkAir ends!

* * * * * 

Looking back, 2006 had been an eventful year. 

1. Left Dezign Format but still miss my ex-colleagues and ex-clients. 

2. Joined SilkAir as a Cabin Crew, an industry I never thought I would join. But I realized I'm not suitable for this job. 

3. Back to school after a year's break and though it wasn't easy managing everything, I'm happy to say that I've passed all modules! One last hurdle before graduation!

4. Completed my diving course! Diving at Tioman was fun; spotting a turtle and baby shark was the highlight of the dive. 

5. Started learning golf but stop training for a while. Will continue after I'm done with my projects. 

6. Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland!

7. Meeting the Babes and Clowns at MDIS! Getting back in touch with old friends like Destinee and Kelvin. 

8. Picking up new skills like manicure and DIY accessories. 

* * * * *
Alright, time to get back to preparing my presentation slides. Will update soon!

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