Friday, October 19, 2007


Thanks to Janelle, what was another boring day became a much happier day. Was busy running around rushing to get my work done when I received a sms from Jan.

"Gal, for your info, Jay Chou is coming for concert on 19 Jan :)"

My immediate reaction upon reading the message was to call Jan immediately. After waiting for so long, finally Jay is COMING to Singapore again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha....

Those who know me will know that I am crazy about Jay Chou...hahaha... At one stage, I was buying all the Chinese and English newspaper everyday just so that I could cut out any news articles that was related to him. Not forgetting all the different types of magazines. As long as he was on the cover or if there was any news about him in the magazine, I would grabbed it.

When I went to Taipei with the Twin, I even dragged her to his shop. And I bought so many magazines on that trip cause Jay was on the cover of those magazines. When nobody wanted to accompany me to his "The One" concert, I actually went alone. 

But, over the years, I have stopped doing all these crazy stuff. Nowadays, the only thing that I do is to buy his albums, watch his movies and attend his concert. I guessed as I get older, I no longer have that much energy to do those crazy stuff which I used to do.

Most of my friends can't understand why I am so crazy over him, especially the guys. And the reason I always give them is that he's very TALENTED and his songs are always very special and different. And his songs have kept me company during the times when I was very down.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to 19th Jan 2008. Am going to the concert with Jan, her friends and one of my friend from China. Can't believe that his concert is actually the next day after his birthday. He must be so lucky to have so many people celebrate his birthday for him. hahaha...

And here's the music video of his new song 牛仔很忙. Enjoy.

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