Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Come next week, it will be a month since I started work back at Dezign Format again. Although it's tiring with all the projects, set-ups and meetings, I'm much happier than when I was flying. So I guess it doesn't come as a surprise that I don't miss flying.

Although there are plenty of new faces in the creative and production team, life back here is pretty much the same. At least my department has now got more people as compared to the time when I left.

Only thing is I'm spending lesser and lesser time at home. Most of the time I'm just home to sleep. AOA 2007 last week which saw me staying at Suntec Convention most of the time. Up next, Hokkaido Fair 2007 at Takashimaya and preparation for the Sentosa Flower Event 2008 tender. There had already been two occasions when I stayed back in the office till 10pm before heading home. Despite everything, I still enjoy what I'm doing now. When things get real hectic, I would just hide in the production department or head down to the coffee store to take a break.

Apart from that classes has commenced for my degree programme. Monday was the first lesson for Public Relations and today's the first for Communication Management. Even though it's only the first week, I'm already feeling the pressure. Presentations almost every week for our tutorials and lectures.

Not only that, we have to come up with a Public Relations plan based on a newspaper article and another based on an article found in our lecture notes. And that's only for Public Relations. For Communication Management, we will have to do a presentation based on an article as well. There's so much reading to be done and each article is more than three pages long! I can very much stop buying books for now, my lecture and tutorial nots are going to be my permanent reading material, well, at least for the next year.

As my group mates were saying, we can also wave goodbye to our social life.

Other than the Princess Gang, my group mates and colleagues are the only people I see now. Will be meeting my group mates quite often since most of our presentations are group projects.

Was supposed to meet Nie last evening but she wasn't feeling well so we cancelled the meeting. Because of that, I got dragged to a drinking session by KC and almost ended up drunk. Have not been drinking for almost ten years and I didn't want to offend the rest by rejecting them all the time. Ended up playing stupid games with them and because I was down on my luck, I kept losing and ended up drinking quite a fair bit. Luckily they were understanding enough when I told them I couldn't drink anymore.

I was pretty surprised that I drank so much; maybe KC was right, I had too much on my mind that was why I ended up drinking. What was worse was drinking on an empty stomach. Supposed to have dinner before that, but somehow we totally forgot about dinner the moment we reached the pub. Was so tired and sick that I fell asleep without removing my make-up. Luckily my appointment was in the later part of the morning today, so I could managed to sleep in for a while and avoided a hangover. Hate the feeling of being drunk. 

Back to Jan and Nie; am so looking forward to meeting up with them tomorrow. It's been such a long time since we got together. Hopefully Desty will be able to join us too.

Before I end, here's wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

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