Friday, October 05, 2007


After delaying for more than a week, i finally went back to Silkair office to get my clearance done. Was supposed to get it done on the day after my last flight but I didn't want to make the trip all the way from Jurong to Changi Airport just to get it done. So after much procrastination, I finally dragged myself there.

During the train journey to Changi Airport, I was reminded of the times when I would take the train to work. Most of the time when I took the train during that period of time, I was feeling very tired and dreading to go to work or I couldn't wait to get home first if it was after my flight.

I remembered that when I first started flying, no matter how tired I was after an overnight flight, I would still dragged myself to take the train home, just so I could save on the cab-fare. Subsequently, I stopped and took the cab home after every overnight flight. Saving money was important but getting home ASAP so that I can sleep was MORE important. But that stopped pretty soon too cause I couldn't operate long flights after my right eye had contracted cornea ulcer. This is because the doctor had told me that I wasn't supposed to wear contact lenses for more than 7 hours otherwise the chances of the cornea ulcer recurring was pretty high. Therefore, towards the end of my stay at Silkair, I was operating shorter flights most of the time. My income was definitely affected because of this arrangement, but between my eyesight and money, my eyesight is definitely more important. This was also partly why I left Silkair because it's impossible to keep on operating short flights.

Was supposed to meet Terrence at his studio around 5 pm before I went to meet Desty and the gals for steamboat dinner. I was still at the airport at 5 pm and because I was meeting Desty at 6 pm, I had no choice but to cancel the meeting with Terrence. It's so funny that we can't seem to meet each other all the time. The 1st time when we wanted to meet, it got cancelled because he wasn't at his studio. Last week I wanted to meet him because I was in Bugis but he wasn't feeling well so he wasn't at his studio and today, I couldn't make it. Hopefully we will be able to meet up soon cause it's been a long, long time since I last saw him.

Met up with Desty at Suntec and she went to get the Princess clip for Nie Nie and Janelle. She felt that it was pretty unfair that she got it for me last week and not them cause they were part of the Princess Gang so she decided to get it for them as well. She wanted to get the pink ones for them as well but it was already sold out so she had no choice but to get them the black ones.

Proceeded to the ChongQing Steamboat restaurant to meet Nie Nie and Janelle but the both of us got a shock when we got there. There was a bloody long queue!!! It seems that Nie Nie forgot to tell us that we need to make a reservation. As such we proceeded to Xian De Lai for the steamboat dinner instead. As my Princess Desty was already feeling very hungry (she forgot to take her lunch), we decided to make the order while waiting for Nie Nie and Janelle to arrive. Luckily they arrived shortly, otherwise my dear Desty would faint anytime. Haha.

Enjoyed the dinner with them. With the 4 of together, it was the usual crapping session. They were also very pleased with the gifts that I made for them, especially Jan. She kept thanking non-stop and said that she really appreciate the time that I had spend in making them the accessories. Haha....What are friends for? If a small gift can cheer them up after a hard day's work, I don't mind spending time making more for them.

Spent a long time at the restaurant. Started planning for our trip to Perth next year. Got to start checking out the airfares soon cause Desty doesn't want to take budget airline if possible. So starting from this month onwards, all 4 of us are going to save very hard for the trip. Am really looking forward to the trip. =)

Met some of batch mates while I was having dinner. What disappointed me was that only Ethyl, Meleevia and Sam actually acknowledge me. The other 2 gals...well...guess no point mentioning. I guessed even though we are not that close, they should have made an effort to acknowledge another of their batch mate. That's what I would have done. It seems so ironic that even though we had spent 2 and half months of training together, we became strangers in the end. But well, I guess I can't force people to do anything. Anyway, I just wanted to crap about it...I'm not a person who will take all these to heart. If they wanna treat me as a friend, I'm glad but if they wanna treat me as a stranger, I'm fine with it too.

All righty, this entry is getting pretty lengthy. Shall stop here for the night.

Time for bed now.

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