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Color Checking Result
Grace Hung 18/6/1981

You are Orange Koala, who tends to give an impression of being too sensitive and nervous.
Sensitive, yes, I agree as I tend to be quite sensitive about how others feel;
have always tend to put other's feelings above mine.
Nervous, probably when I have to go for interviews.

But you have thorough insight and can work efficiently.

You are cheerful and very forthright.
Couldn't agree more.

Your short temper may cause your advantages to diminish.
I do admit that I used to have a very short fuse, but it's different now.
Nie always says that I don't seem to have any temper.
Well, I do, but only those who have offended me will have a taste of it.

You are suited to academic and artistic areas, where you can seek your insight.
Pretty accurate I must say.
Whenever I have the time, I will try to read and I love studying.
How I wish I can have lots of money to allow me to take up all the courses that I want.

Your soul never gets old, and you will keep coming up with new ideas.
How come I keep thinking that I'm not getting any younger?

The occupations you will be good at are those works where you can use your natural sense of creativity.

You may come up with new and innovative ideas while relaxing.
Have not came up with any the last I checked.
Probably cause my mind's switched off when I'm relaxing.

This makes you suited to jobs concerning planning events or entertaining.

Areas of art may also bring good luck.

You are precise with money, and do not spend easily.
Not true!
I can spend money easily but have learned to cut down on unnecessary expenses over the years.

You will save up rather than use it, and although you don't show it, you are sensitive with interests between personal relationships.

You don't buy things impulsively.
Used to but not so now.
Got to save up to pay off my school fees.

Socially, you are a very open person.
Those who know me will know.

You seem to be a very sociable person, but really you are extremely cautious, and will not easily tell your true feelings.
See above.

Balancing this kind of your bilateral character will be your task.

You can fall in love easily, but once married, you will take charge of the household and control it efficiently.

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