Monday, September 10, 2007


Just arrived in Taipei after 14 hours of flight from Los Angeles.

On transit and waiting for the flight back to Singapore.

Although the flight from Los Angeles to Taipei was about 14 hours, it didn’t seem that long as compared to the other day when I flew from Singapore to Los Angeles. I guessed this is was because I spent most of my time on flight sleeping. My flight departed from Los Angeles at 01:05 AM and as that had been my bed time for the past week when I was in Los Angeles, I was very tired and fell asleep soon after the meal service. I had to sleep as much as possible so that the jetlag wouldn’t be so bad by the time I reach Singapore. I should be reaching Singapore at 11:35 AM which is about 8.35 PM Sunday night in LA. There’s a difference of 15 hours between LA and Singapore.

Can’t believe that I’m heading to Singapore already. Although this LA trip was quite short, I managed to visit all the places which I wanted to and we didn’t had to rush around that much. All these are thanks to Chian, Shi Shiong and Soong who had planned the whole iteniary.

Enjoyed myself a lot but there were also some unhappiness during the trip. The one thing that actually pissed me off was when I reached LAX last night. The guys’s intention was actually to just drop me off at the airport and leave but they hadn't inform me at all. I had actually thought that they would keep me company till it was time for boarding. I understand that they had to go back to the hotel to rest as they had to drive back to Arizona the next day and it’s a tiring 6 hour drive back but I would appreciate if they had informed me of their intention earlier. At least I would have known about it and prepared myself as to how to spend the time at the airport. By telling me at the last minute only caused much unhappiness. I'm not a princessy woman even though my friends call me princess and I don't mind waiting for my flight alone at the airport; it's just I'm in a foreign land and if anything were to happen, I might not know how to handle it. If they had informed me earlier of their plan, I wouldn't have got angry at all.

In the end, Chian was the one who kept me company while I waited to check in for my flight while Shi Shiong and Soong went to park the car. By then, I was already not in the mood and after I was done with the check in and sending my luggage for screening, I told them they to leave and I would be all right even though I’m alone.

I wasn't being petty but the damage was already done and even if they had stayed, I wouldn’t have anything to say to them. In that case, might as well let them leave and get the rest that they needed instead of them staying and causing more unhappiness. I rather be unhappy myself than causing everyone to be unhappy.

After they had left, I headed straight to the boarding gates and waited for about 1 and a half hours for my flight. Spend my time reading my book and people watching.

All right, shall stop here now. It’s time to board my next flight. Shall continue when I’m back in Singapore.

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