Friday, September 21, 2007


Was so upset last night that i went to bed straight after i finished blogging, which was about 10.30 pm. Forced myself to sleep despite a growling stomach. Ended up sleeping for 12 hours straight. But was so hungry when I woke up that I quickly paid a visit to my favourite Japanese food stall near my place before I headed to work. 

Operated MI 226/225 to Surabaya earlier. Enjoyed myself working on this flight, it definitely didn't feel like I was working. Josephine, Rosmala and Mardina were working in Economy with me and we had so much fun! Especially with Josephine and Mardina. Kept poking fun at each other and cracking jokes. Glad that I had the chance to work with them before I leave SilkAir. 

Another 5 more flights before I bid farewell. 

Will I miss flying? Probably not. 

Will I miss waking up at 4.00am to prepare for work? Definitely NO!

Will I miss the back-stabbing and fussy passengers? A BIG NO as well. 

Then what will I miss?

The fun times and memories working with my favourite crews. 

The compliments and appreciation from passengers after a hard day's work. 

The nice and genuine crew and Crew-in-Charge(s). 

The "bitching" sessions that we had at times when we were bored. 

And that's pretty much about it. 
* * * * *

Dunkin Donuts for dinner earlier, yummy!
Time to cut down on sinful food like these, else I will put back on the weight which I'd lost on the Los Angeles trip.

Accompanied Mummy Love to take a look at the tree which was said to resemble the image of a monkey.
Couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the crowd over there. It was so bad that barricades were erected. Couldn't resist taking a snapshot of them. Anyways, does it resemble a monkey? Depends on individual. 

However, according to the media, this happens when a tree grows a new layer of bark over the injured part of the tree. Of course, the older folks would rather choose to believe in non-scientific reasons. Many of them have started praying to the tree; joss sticks are offered for free, bananas and fruits placed at the bottom of the tree. Funniest bit? A small bingo machine's placed there so that the devotees can pick a lucky number for lottery!
Met Angela and Darran for dinner and had ice-cream at Haaigen Daz after that.
And this is what happens when you put the 3 of us together.
3 Monkeys!

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