Friday, September 28, 2007

Lunch...KTV...Dinner...Dai Dee

As I'm officially free from work for the time being, I met up with Angela and Darren for lunch and a KTV session.

So why are the 2 of them so free on a weekday?

Well, we were supposed to go to Genting for a short weekend getaway but it was cancelled as Angela left's leg is in a cast right now.
The careless girl sprained her ankle on her last day of her holiday trip at Phuket and the specialist told her that it was quite serious and her left leg had to be put on a cast.
She couldn't possibly go to Genting with the cast and moving around with crutches so we cancelled the trip.
And Darren didn't cancelled his leave so his leave actually starts on Thursday.

As Angela had been cooped up at home since last week and she was already bored to tears, they decided to go to KTV today.
I wasn't very interested in going as I had just went to the KTV on Monday to celebrate Jan's birthday but decided to head along to accompany them.

Waiting for Angela & Darren in the car

Had lunch at Ajisen at LOT 1 and I really the food over there.
It was below standard as compared to the other outlets that I had been to.
It was the first time that I actually wrote a feedback form to complain about the food.
But it was not only me who complained about the food; Darren and Angela complained about theirs as well.
The not-so-yummy lunch that I had at Ajisen

Didn't sing much at the KTV though.
Maybe it was because I had sang too much on Monday.
So most of the time, it was the 2 them singing.

Blurry Me

Headed to Jack's Place at West Coast Recreation Centre for dinner after the KTV session as Angela wanted to have steak.
Had to find a place which was convenient for her as she was walking around with her crutches.
After dinner, we went to the Mac at West Coast Park and spend our time playing Dai Dee.
My luck was pretty good today...only managed to distribute the cards less than 5 times.
If we had played with money, I would have won but we don't play with money cause I'm a POOR GAL. haha.

Bored in the car so it's cam-whoring time again

My Fire Steak for dinner...Yummy...I Like!!!

The pinko & cutie monkey which Angela bought for me

That's Darren trying to murder my monkey...HELP!!!!

And here's are some gifts which my darling, Princess Desty got me on her bintan & hongkong trip.

The wishing bottle from Singapore filled with sand from Bintan.
Have yet to write down my wish...will write it down soon otherwise I will waste Desty's effort.
Krispy Kreme donuts from Hongkong with Desty's love in them; the piglet keychain which Desty got me from Hong Kong.

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