Wednesday, September 26, 2007


As of today,
I will be hanging up my wings officially for good.

Why so?
Today marks my last day with Silkair.
This is the day that I've been looking forward to in all the 18 months with Silkair.

My last flight with Silkair today was MI 512/511 to Yangon, Myanmar.
My position was S1, working in J Class, otherwise known as Business Class.
Pax load was 1 (ex-SIN) and 2 (ex-YGN).
Really thankful for the load.
It meant that I did not have to work that hard.

The load in EY (Economy) was pretty light too.
I guessed this was probably due the ongoing riot in Yangon.
Had so much fun working in J class today because the CIC (crew-in-charge) was a very nice lady.
We had fun cracking jokes and making fun of each other even though it was my first time working in J class with her.
She even announced to the tech crew (our pilots) that it was my last day.
Of course, they started asking me the reason for leaving.
That's the question that everyone asks when they know you are leaving.

My CIC also mentioned that whenever she works with her S1,
it's always their last day.
That was why she had guessed it even before I mentioned anything to her.

One of my favourite crew, Josephine (my junior) was also on board but she was working in EY.
Glad that I had a chance to fly with her again before I left.
She's a really cute and funny girl.
Too bad we didn't have the chance to work together today.

Surprisingly, I had nothing but fun on my last few flights.
Was it because I was leaving, that's why I was feeling more relax?
Or was it because of all the nice crew on the flights?
No matter what,
I'm thankful for everything and everyone that I had met during these last few flights.

As mentioned earlier in one of my entries,
no more waking up at 4.00am to prepare for flights.
No more dragging myself to work when I know that there will be "mean" crews on flight.
No more enduring the long train journey from Jurong to Changi.
No more cursing and swearing in my heart as I work because of some people.
No more fussy and demanding passengers who do not appreciate the crews' work or effort.
No more unhygienic passengers who do not think twice about dirtying the restrooms or aircraft.
No more worrying about plane crashes.
No more feeling tired because of the hectic roster.
No more worrying if my make-up or hair is in tip top condition.

Yet, no matter how much I dislike working in Silkair,
there are things which I will miss.

I'll miss working with my favourite crews, be in EY or J class.
I'll miss those passengers who appreciate what we, stewardesses, have done.
I'll miss the "Thank you" and smiles of these passengers as they disembarked from the aircraft.
I'll miss shopping at Duty Free but I won't miss the unnecessary spending and impulse buying.
I'll miss my trainers, Ms Yen and Ms Dila.
I'll miss the kind and helpful staff from the Cabin Crew department (Devi, Diyam, Ruadhah, Joanna, Mao Mao and Mr. Mawar)
I'll miss the chat sessions on flights after we have completed the meal services.

It feels sad leaving this place even though it hasn't been exactly a fantastic place to work in.
Lots of friendships had been developed in this 18 months.
Lots of laughter shared too.

Yet, no matter how much I miss the above,
it's time for me to leave.

I'll be starting my degree programme next month
and I know it will be very tiring to cope with both my studies and the flights should I not leave.
I'd tried it when I was pursuing my Advanced Diploma and it was tough.
No time for assignments and revising for my examinations.

I'm paying the full fees for the degree programme out of my own pocket
and I want to make sure I can score the results that I'm aiming for to do myself proud.
I don't want to end up not doing well in both studies and work because I'm too tired.
To me, having a job is important,
but at this point in time,
completing my degree programme is more important.

To many out there,
being a cabin crew/flight stewardess looks like a glamourous job/career.
But what you don't see behind the facade
is the hard work that we put in.

There's a hell lot of training that we have to undergo before we can start flying.
Safety, security, first aid, service excellence, grooming, announcement, etc.

I've learnt how to take care of my appearance after attending grooming classes.
I've learnt how to exceed passengers' expectations from Service Excellence classes.
I've learnt how to apply CPR should I need to.
I've learnt how to operate the various safety equipments in case of any emergency.

I might not have realized it at first but what I'd learned in this period helps in life as well.
Although it hasn't been an easy 18 months,
I have not regretted joining Silkair.

I have learnt a lot and realized that this job is not as glamorous as it seems.
I'm glad to have taken that leap of faith and knowing that I won't have any regrets in future.
I am also glad that I had endured everything till the end and not left mid-way.

As I embark on another chapter in my career life,
I will bring along what I had learned in these 18 months in Silkair with me.
Cause I believe what I had gone through during this period has made me an even stronger person.

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