Friday, September 28, 2007

24.09.2007 - Janelle's Birthday Celebration

25th September was Princess Janelle's birthday.

We were supposed to celebrate her birthday on that day but because Mummy's birthday was on the same day, we decided to celebrate Jan's birthday on 24th instead.

Desty, Nie Nie and myself decided to give Jan a treat as her birthday present. Had dinner at Ajiteh at Takashimaya as that was Jan's favourite. Had to tell a little white lie during dinner as I had to get the birthday cake for Jan and I couldn't possibly let her know as that was meant to be a surprise.

So, I could only said that I had to get something for Mummy and when I went back to the restaurant carrying the bag with the cake, my dear Jan actually thought that I had bought mooncakes for Mummy. 

Dinner was followed by a KTV session at Partyworld. Upon reaching Partyworld, Jan realised that her jacket was not with her, so Nie Nie went with her to go back to Takashimaya to look for it while Desty and myself stayed behind.

Texted Nie Nie to get her to inform us when they were coming back so that we could prepare the cake. Our dear Jan had a surprise when we presented the cake to her. However, after cutting the cake, we realised that she was supposed to cut the cake at 12 midnight instead. As we still had candles left, our Princess Jan got the chance to make another wish and cut her cake again at 12 midnight.

Had so much fun that day with the 3 other Princesses. Spent our time singing and dancing, well, most of the time, it was Desty and myself who were dancing like 2 crazy women and entertaining the other 2 girls. Desty and myself almost killed Nie Nie too, cause she kept singing all the old Chinese songs!
Whenever we saw an ORBIT music video, we would know that it was Nie Nie's song.

Nie Nie got herself a new nickname too;飞不起的嫦儿. Actually it was because of me that she got this nickname from Jan. It was the photo that I took that when you viewed in sequence, it would seem that she tried to fly but she failed.

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