Friday, August 17, 2007

Destinee's Birthday

Celebrated our Princess Destinee's birthday last Saturday.

Someone got our lucky girl a room at Siloso Beach Resort and she decided to spend it with us gals.
Got up early that morning as we were supposed to meet at 12.30pm but I had to collect Destinee's present at Vivo City where we were meeting.
Ended waiting for an hour and a half because the silly girl forgot to inform me in the change of timing.

Proceeded for lunch at one of the Chinese restaurant at Vivo City when the girls finally reached before heading to Siloso Beach Resort.

The resort was located on Siloso Beach (hence the name) and it was fantastic.
Love the awesome view from our room and also the lovely pool.

Started taking photos (as usual) after settling down and the klutz in me realized that I had left my camera at home.
So I could only use my mobile phone's camera.

Changed into our bikinis after the cam-whoring session and took a stroll along the beach.
Our intention was to go suntanning but as the sun was already setting,
we decided to go for a swim instead.

Although our plans for the night were changed as something happened,
it was nonetheless a fun time.
It's been a long time since I last hung out with a group of girlfriends and I really enjoyed their company.
Been so long since I laughed a lot and had so much fun.

Hopefully, we will be able to have another girls' outing soon!

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