Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fireworks + Surprises

Had a very special National Day this year as compared to the previous years.
National day previously was always spent at home waiting for that call but this year, I spend it with my dearest babe...Princess Destinee.

Woke up early on the morning of National Day as I had to go to temple with Mummy and my relatives to pay our respects to Grandma as it was her death anniversary (based on the lunar calendar).

Met Destinee in the afternoon to attend to some personal matter before we headed to Takashimaya to collect her birthday present from Louis Vuitton...that LUCKY gal...

Had lunch at Toast after which we took the train to City Hall.

We wanted to head to Esplanade initially to catch the fireworks but upon reaching the train station at City Hall, we changed our mind because of the overwhelming CROWD. As such, we changed our mind and decided to head to Post Bar at Fullerton Hotel instead.
It was such a headache while trying to navigate our way to Fullerton Hotel because there was so many people.

To quote Destinee, it was total MADNESS and she almost fainted because she was having difficulty breathing.
Was really afraid of her fainting so I kept a close eye on her and told her to stay near to me.

After squeezing through the human crowd, we finally reached Post Bar and managed to get a table. Being the cam-whores that we were, we spend our time cam-whoring while waiting for the fireworks to start which was a good 1 hour away.

But sadly...what was supposed to be a happy day ended with a sour ending because of some idiots...dun feel like blogging about it.

Nevertheless, when the fireworks started, the 2 of us were just estatic...started taking pictures and videos away.

After the fireworks, DS came to pick us up (which was a great surprise)...but we had to wait quite a while because of the human traffic jam which in turn caused the massive traffic jam. Dropped Destinee off at Vivo...headed to Cathay to catch the movie "The Bourne Ultimatum" and had dinner.

Almost fell asleep during the movie because I was so tired and my eyes were so dry from wearing the contact lenses for the whole day.

Even though, I was so tired, I was still very happy because I had Destinee to keep me company and also for the surprise from DS.

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