Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Bee's Update

Been so busy since last week that I've not have the time to update my blog.

Here's a little update on what I've been up been up to for the past week.

Went to pay the first instalment of my degree course fee, which also means I'm officially broke.
My savings are now back to a four digit amount from a five digit.
Went for a pedicure after settling the course fees and then it was back home to prepare for tomorrow's flight.

Finally sorted out the eight hundred over photos to send for printing.
Now, I'll just need to get more albums for the photos.
Chris saw me sorting the photos and asked me why I had to print them, why not just save them in my laptop?
Well, that's just me.
I like to print out the photo and keep them in my albums so that when I grow old, I can flip through the albums and reminisce the wonderful memories.

Nothing much happened.
Operated MI 238 to Medan after which DS came to pick me up from the airport.
Chris was at my place when I reached home, so we had a little chat before I hit the sack.

Met up with Nie and Janelle for a KTV session.

Destinee was supposed to meet up with us to pass us the Krispy Kreme donuts which she bought from Hong Kong but because she could only meet up after dinner, we decided to go for a singing session.
Funny thing was, no one dared to tell Destinee that we were going singing.
We were afraid that she would be mad because she was nursing a sore throat and wasn't able to sing.
I ended up being the one telling her.
Luckily, she wasn't angry.

Had a drinks and donuts session with Destinee after the KTV session and ended up talking about who would get both Destinee's and my stuff after we passed away.
Damn crappy, but still I enjoyed spending the day with the,.

Sweet Destinee also got me a piglet keychain so that I can carry it around with me as Auntie had said that I "need" pigs for luck. Did not expect her to remember that.

Back to Dezign Format for a meeting with Daniel as he wanted to have a meeting with me regarding me starting work back there. Not sure if they will agree to my counter offer of the basic salary.
Will just let nature takes its course.
Don't mind going back there because I know everyone there but if the pay is pathetic,
I don't think it's wise to go back there simply because of my friends.
Had lunch with Kenny, Danny and Mike before heading to Great World City to catch "License to Wed" with DT. Not a bad movie though, met up with DS for supper after that and then it was off for another movie, "Evan Almighty" at The Cathay.

Operated MI 758 to Phuket.
Full load as usual and what made it worse was the re-timing of the flight.
Was supposed to touch down at 11.00pm but ended up touching down only at 11.30pm.
Had to rush to change out of my uniform the moment I cleared immigration as DS was waiting for me to go for supper and he waited for nearly an hour at the airport.
Luckily, he didn't scold me.

Called up to operate MI 288 to Christmas Island.
Almost fainted when I heard the flight number cause Christmas Island is one of the worst flight.
Call bells going off non-stop and the bar cart will usually be cleared before we reach Singapore.
That's because the passengers on this flight can really drink, A LOT.
Thankfully, this flight was smooth and easy with not many drinkers.
Was really surprised and can only say thanks to God.

Off day.
Home sweet home.

Busy day.
Interview in the morning and brunch with Destinne after that as I wanted to catch up with her before she left for Hong Kong.
Rushed off to Dezign Format to meet Violet for lunch.
Helped my ex-bosses' friends for the preparation works for the 7th month dinner happening that night.

Although I was tired, I had to still help them because I already promised them when they asked me for my help.
Many people cannot believe how close I am with my ex-bosses' friends and ex-colleagues.
They don't understand why I'm always going back to Dezign Format for the past one and a half years even though I was no longer working there.
That's because they are like my family.
When I was working there,
I spent more time at work than at home.
The bond that I had forged with them is almost unbreakable.

Stayed on for dinner after that.
Didn't eat much cause I had to entertain the guests and to also ensure that Kenny and Kelvin were not drinking too much as I was under DS's instructions to look after them since both of them were driving.
Luckily, William and Jacky were seated at the same table and as usual, they kept making fun of me.

Rushed home after my flight (MI 226) from Surabaya to change for an interview at Tuas.
I wished I could say it was time and money (on on the taxi fares) well spent but it wasn't.
The job description was not what I had expected the basic pay offered was really pathetic although the commission seem high.
If I were to take up the offer, I believe I would not have to worry financially but unfortunately, it was not what I was looking for.

Headed off to Dezign Format to collect money from Zee Chiang to pay for his mobile phone bill before heading off to Wilson for golf at the driving range at Sembawang Country Club.
Was so tired because I had been awake since 4.00am that I couldn't concentrate at all.
Finally I couldn't take it anymore and told Wilson to finish with the session while I sat there and rest.


That's what I had been up to since last week.
Been a long time since I ran around like that and although it's tiring,
somehow I like it.
That's because I'm away from home and those who know me will know why I don't like staying at home during his period of time.

Good news is, I will be leaving for Los Angeles this Sunday!
But somehow I don't feel excited at all.
Have not even started packing my luggage.
Dreading the 36 hours flight though.

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