Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back From BKK

Took a trip to BKK from 1st Aug to 3rd Aug...
This trip was quite special cause it's been donkey years since I travelled with my mum (with the exception of going to M'sia).
It was also the 1st time that I took so little pictures on a trip and I didn't buy lots of stuff because Mummy kept telling me that I've lots of junk at home...which is not a bad thing. I guessed it's better than buying on impulse, which I always do when I go overseas, and then I'll end up not using the stuff when I'm back.

My stash from this trip consists of: -
*1 pair of beige color heels
*1 tube dress
*1 tunic
*1 shirt-dress
*2 tee-shirt
*2 bags + 4 pouches + 1 pencil case + 1 tissue cover from NaRaya

Now that the BKK trip is over, the next trip I'm looking forward to is the my LA trip next month.
After that, long trips outta of Singapore might have to wait...cause it's back to school again.

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