Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday, start of another week

It's the start of another week again. After being on medical leave for the past week due to a persistent bout of cough, fever, flu and sore throat, it's back to work for me again tomorrow. After that, I will be on leave till Saturday during which I will be heading to BKK from Wednesday to Friday. Finally, a break away from Singapore even though it's just for a few days. Have not gone on any trips since my HongKong trip last October.

Now that August is nearing, I'm feeling slightly happier too...that's because my bond will be ending soon. Really looking to September because: -

[1] My bond with SilkAir is finally ending. Can't wait for the day to come when I can finally
tender my resignation. 
[2] My Los Angeles trip; a trip far far away from Singapore. Can't wait to embark on an exciting adventure!

Attended an interview today. It was for the post of a Marketing Executive with Citispa. Started sending out my resume since last week when I was medical leave. Sent out the resume on Thursday and before I knew it, I had received a call from Citispa asking me to attend the interview today.

Although the interview was scheduled at 4.00 pm, I was out of the house by 12.00 noon. Went to get my hair trimmed (because I've decided to keep my hair long) and had my nails done too (for work tomorrow). Finished everything around 1.30 pm and headed to Bugis. By the time I reached Bugis, it was only about 2.15 pm. Headed down to Arab Street to look for one of my supplier that I used to liaise with when I was with my ex-company. Been a long time since I last visited them.

Left their place around 3.00 pm and took a short walk to Shaw Centre where I had a drink and wrote in my journal before heading for the interview. The interview took about half an hour but surprisingly, I wasn't feeling nervous at all. Official working hours for the job was 10.00 am to 7.00 pm (Mon-Fri) and 10.00 am to 2.00 pm (Sat). The job is to manage the spa's various events and promotions which it's where my interest lies in.

Anyway, they will let me know if I have been selected to attend the second interview so right now I can only cross my fingers and pray.

There's about 2 months before I leave SilkAir so I will continue to look around. If anyone know of any job opening for Marketing, Events and Promotions, please inform me. Thanks in advance!

Here's some of the pictures which I was supposed to have upload but didn't do it cause I wasn't in the mood to blog the other time...

9th July 2007
Met up with my dearest Shi Shiong who was back for a 3 week holiday from LA and the lovely pressie he got for Shi Mei. Can't wait to meet him in LA in September which will also be our first holiday together!

20th July 2007
My 1st and last flight with my primary school mate Joanne cause she has already tendered her resignation on that day after our flight. She decided that she had enough of working in such an "unhealthy" environment so she decided to call it quits. The little piglet which she bought for me to cheer me up after our flight. Thanks babe.

28th July 2007 - 29th July 2007
My short weekend getaway. Although I was still feeling sick, I didn't feel like staying at home and decided to go somewhere instead.
Room dinner *grilled NZ steak* and my lovely dessert *banana split*

The fly past which I managed to catch.
Didn't managed to snap any pictures of the fireworks though, was too busy watching the fireworks

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