Saturday, June 23, 2007

Goodbye 25, Hello 26

Princess Grace turned 26 officially on Monday.

Birthday celebration was a low key affair this year with the CLOWNS on last Saturday and with my family and Angela on Monday.
Although it was just a simple affair, this was the happiest birthday that I have had in these few years.
For once, it was all laughter and joy and not tears and sadness.
As I embark on the the 26th chapter of my life, I will stand strong no matter how hard the road in front of me may be.
That's because I know that no matter what happens, I will have the love and support from the people around me.

*Celebration with The Clowns*
Date: 16 June 2007, Saturday
Venue: Hog's Breath Cafe at Chijmes & Archipelago Breweries

Lunch was just me and the 2 clowns (Joshua & Wilson Kor Kor).
MIA was 2 babes (Kate & Jasmine) and 1 clown (Damon)
Kate - Running a high fever
Jasmine - In Malacca
Damon - Stuck in a meeting....Again....

Most embarassing moment at Archipelago Breweries????
When someone actually broke a glass!!!!
The CULPRIT??? Our dearest Damon.
He kept stirring his latte with all his MIGHT till the glass BROKE!!!!!!
Had already told him not to stirred so hard when he did it the first time but he DIDN'T listened to us and this was what happened.
Were really so embarassed!!!

*Celebration with My Family & Friend*
Date: 18 June 2007, Monday
Venue: Home Sweet Home

All right, will continue with the rest again.
Am very tired now...going to dreamland.

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