Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Birthday Celebrations - Part 3

The person that touched me the most this birthday was Angela.

She was operating a flight on my birthday and we were supposed to meet up after she touched down, but as I was having steamboat dinner at home with my family, she decided to come me after she had gone home to wash up.

So what did she do to touch my heart?

The dearest gal actually rushed to buy me a birthday cake after she touched down in Singapore and she rushed to my place as soon as possible because she wanted me to cut the cake before the clock strikes 12.

I can imagine how tired she was, and with her lugging her bag and a cake and taking the train all the way from Changi airport to Jurong is not an easy feat especially after a flight.

By the time she reached my place, it was already close to 12 and the both of us had a quiet birthday celebration in my living room.
After that, we spent our time chatting away and watching a stupid horror story.

*To Angela:

My dear Sista,

Thanks for everything that you had done for me this birthday.
I really appreciate everything.
One thing I want you to know is that, I really don't wish to see you being so unhappy.
You are a wonderful gal and you don't deserve all the shit that has happened to you.
Think about what you truly wants and you will know the solution to your problems.

Another wonderful birthday present which I received this year was clearing a misunderstanding with WQ.

We stopped contacting each other for a long period of time due to some misunderstanding and we only had the chance to clear it up on my birthday. Had he not smsed me on my birthday, I won't know when we will have the chance to talk again.

Met up with dinner this evening,
Wanted to have dinner at Beaulieu House at Sembawang (near to Bottle Tree Village) but as someone was holding their wedding celebrations there, we had to change location.
In the end, we had Indian food at Devagi at Thomson Road.
After dinner, we went to have Brownies (WQ) and Chocolate Cake (Me) at The Baker's Story.

Although it's been a long time since we last saw each other, I still enjoyed his company alot.

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