Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another Day In My Life

In four days time,
I will be waving goodbye to 25 and saying hello to 26.

Time really flies when you turn 20.
It seems as though I'd just celebrated my 25th birthday last week.
Usually I'll look forward to my birthday every year but not this year.
Maybe it's because so much has happened since the last birthday.

Nothing has been planned for this birthday.
Meeting the Babes and Clowns for lunch this Sunday but sadly,
not everyone will be able to turn up.
Jasmine will be in Malacca and Joshua might not be able to make it as well.

Will be working on my birthday this year.
Nothing unusual cause I'm always working on my birthday.
Might probably have dinner with my family after work.


Nothing much has happened lately.

Finally registered for the degree programme and SIM On Monday after work with Wilson.
That also means that I will be broke soon cause the degree programme costs S$14,000.
Now that I've managed to save enough to pay for it,
it feels painful to part with my savings.
But well, it's education and for my own good.
I will have to save harder and spend lesser,
which is also why I've decided not to get myself any birthday present.

Went to Sim Lim Square on Tuesday to get my brother's PSP modified and to get a new memory card since I will be the one using it in future.
It's a tedious and long journey from my place to the airport,
so I've decided to use my brother's PSP to keep me company.


To Destinee, My Twin and Anonymous,

Thank you for the encouraging messages.
It means a lot to me.
I will be fine, I just need time.

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