Saturday, May 05, 2007

Copied this from Esther's blog...dedicated to all my troubled friends

In the past,
hunters use bottles to catch monkeys.
They have these jars with narrow openings which they place in a hole dug in the forest.
They a banana inside the jar and wait for the monkey.
The monkey would then be lured to the bottle and you know what happens.

The monkey would stretch it's hand into the bottle and pick the banana.
But when it tries to take the banana out,
it'd realize that it's hand was stuck.
Because the opening of the jar is only big enough for the hand to go in and out,
but not big enough for the hand and banana to come out.
And that's how the hunters managed to catch the monkey.

Moral of the story is,
when you need to and when you know there's not other way to savage anything,
save yourself.


Let go.

Life the monkey,
if the monkey had let go of the banana,
it could have been saved.

It's the most obvious thing to do,
but most of us,
like the monkey,
won't do it.

Just like the monkey,
we'd hold on to it.

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