Thursday, March 08, 2007


16 June 2006 (MI 706/ 705)
Singapore - Chiangmai - Singapore

My first SNY flight. This was a flight where I had to observe and have hands-on experience on the duties before going on my solo flights.

19 June 2006
(MI 232/ 233) Singapore - Medan - Singapore
(MI 754/ 753) Singapore - Phuket - Singapore

My maiden solo flight. It was 4-sector flight to Medan and Singapore. I remembered being so stressed up during the flight as I was assigned to the position of the galley person (S2) and made so many mistakes. Vomitted a few times as I wasn't used to working on board a flight. 

27 June 2006
(MI 588) Singapore - Davao - Cebu - Singapore

The flight our graduation. And right after this flight I was grounded for a month due to the injury on my face. 

18 August 2006
(MI 756/ 755) Singapore - Phuket - Singapore

My first flight after my ground duties ended. It was a nerve-wrecking flight as I had stopped flying for a long period and as I had only done a few flights before I was grounded, I still wasn't really sure about the various duties on board.

8 December 2006
(MI 238/237) Singapore - Medan - Singapore

Worked in Business Class (JCL) for the first time! I hadn't gone through training for Business Class then but the Crew-in-Charge decided to train me for the position of S1 (Business Class crew) as there were too many junior crew on that flight. 

16 December 2006
(MI 518/ 517) Singapore - Yangon - Singapore

Went on a week's medical leave for corner ulcer after this flight. My right eye was so red and in pain after the flight but I didn't thought much about it. I thought that my eyes were just tired and dry. Only when my GP referred me to the eye specialist then I knew that it was a serious condition. Was unable to wear contact lenses for a long period of time and as I couldn't see well without my contact lenses, I was unable to go on flights. So, I was grounded once again. I was really unlucky because I had been using contact lenses for almost 13 years and nothing like that had ever happen. Even Mummy and friends were commenting on how unlucky I had been after joining this industry. 

15 January 2007
(MI 962/ 961) Singapore - Shenzhen - Singapore

First flight after ground duties ended for the second time. It was also my SNY flight for Business Class after finishing my Business Class training. An extremely memorable flight cause I had the chance to be seated in the cockpit for take-off from Shenzhen and arriving in Singapore.

23 February 2007
(MI 849/ 848) Singapore - Balikpapan - Singapore

My first flight with my batch girl Nandar.  Finally got the chance to fly together!

2 March 2006
(MI 618/ 617) Singapore - Siem Reap - Singapore

Extremely nervous on the sector from Siem Reap back to Singapore because our Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr George Yeo,  Prof. Tommy Koh (Ambassodor-at-large), Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a few Indonesian Ministers was on board this flight. They were seated in Business Class and as I was working in Business Class on this particular flight, I had to serve them. 

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