Friday, March 23, 2007

A Day Without My Mobile Phone

Was on my way to Dezign Format to meet my ex-collegues for lunch when I realized that I've actually left my mobile phone on my bed and forgot to bring it along with me. If I was still working in my ex-company, I would have freaked out because that would mean that my clients would not be able to contact me for the day and all my contacts were stored in my mobile phone's memory card. This time round however, I did not worry because it was my off day and I wasn't on standby so I wasn't afraid of missing any calls. The other reason was I was in the cab and I was almost reaching Woodlands. I couldn't possibly asked the cab driver to turn round and head back to my place just to get my phone.

So how was my day without my mobile phone by my side? wasn't that disastrous. I wasn't afraid that I would miss my ex-collegues because I reached my ex-company way before they went for lunch but even if I did, I would also know where to find them. There's only 1 place where they would head for lunch...I know that cause that's I used to go for lunch. As I'm someone who needs to wear my watch out with me, I needn't had to worry about not knowing the time. If I had forgotten to wear my watch out, I would have felt very uncomfortable though.

The only times when it was a little troublesome was when I accompanied Cedric to Raffles City. He had to pop by Raffles City to submit some application for a Dior event before giving me lift back home. I didn't want to go up to the management office so I told him that I would meet him after I went to buy some CDs from Sembawang Music. Then we realized that my mobile phone was not with me, so I told him that I would stay at Sembawang Music to wait for him. And the second time was when I went for my manicure appointment. My manicurist had gone for lunch when I reached, so her collegues told me to leave my contact number and they would give me a call when my manicurist is back from her lunch. I gave her my contact number and walked away happily....but I turned less than a metre...cause I remembered that my mobile phone was not with me. So in the end, I told them that I would go back in 20 minutes time.

Through this incident, I've realized that we have come to rely on our mobile phones so much that should we forgot to bring them along with us, it can be quite disastrous at times. Especially if we are meeting our clients/ friends and we had to contact them. During my primary/ secondary schools, I carried a pager so it was not bad because I just had to look for a public phone to page my friends and return their calls. But now, if I left my phone at home, I can only return the calls after I reached home. Of course, I can't imagine using a pager now so I guess I just to make sure that I remember to bring my phone along everytime before I leave my house.

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